Saturday, March 26, 2022

Elie Mystal vs Frederick Douglass - the U.S. Constitution

Elie Mystal believes that the Constitution is trash because of slavery. No doubt, Mystal believes that the Constitution is pro-slavery.

Conversely, Frederick Douglass believed that the Constitution is anti-slavery, because of the details of its formation. Here's an idea of what he thinks:

The American Constitution and the Slave - Is the Constitution pro-slavery or anti-slavery? - By Frederick Douglass

I know who I agree with. Interestingly, Douglass is super detailed as to why the Constitution is anti-slavery, wheras Mystal just spouts some talking points that only sound cute to a sympathetic crowd. I'm sure, to be fair, that Mystal gets detailed in his book "Allow Me to Retort: A Black Guy's Guide to the Constitution." I know I would not purchase that, but you can do what you want.

It seems to me that these people really want to keep themselves in the dark and just keep saying the same tired old things over and over again.

Friday, February 11, 2022

If it were Saul Alinksy, he would surely clog up the big game

The big super game is coming. The truckers are coming! The truckers are coming! Wouldn't it be so much fun if the truckers clogged up the streets of Los Angeles and prevented anybody from getting to the stadium? That is, after all, what Saul Alinsky would do.

He really would. The icing on the cake would be if the truckers clogged up LA and all got out of their trucks and kneeled in the streets next to the trucks. Just get out right there and take a knee. That would be so fantastic. That would so turn it on its head and be the ultimate middle finger to the wokesters. Especially if we saw some truckers kneeling with some signs that said "no fans left". I know some might disagree with this part, but here's why. They would want the trucks gone. But if the truckers are out of their trucks, what's the message? "We aren't leaving here any time soon." It's all about messaging.

And why would Alinsky do this? Because protesting works. It is so successful. I've been told time and again by people unwilling to get up and be a part of the solution things like "making signs and walking around in the streets, that never solved any problems" and "I have a job" and "activism is a left wing thing". (I've heard dozens of variations, and I've also heard obscenity laced statements as well.) But the point is, when it came to making a statement Alinsky knew how to spot a weak point and leverage it and he didn't just wait until election day. Culture matters.

The big game on big game sunday would be perfect. Alinsky was fond of doing things such as having his activists eat huge meals comprised mainly of baked beans, and then attend events such as orchestras where the results would be rather loud and disruptive. But in regard to the big game, this seems more like the Chicago O'Hare piss in.

Have you heard the plan for the piss in?

It was never implemented. Just the threat of it was enough for Alinksy to get his demands met. What Alinsky proposed was for a large group of activists to go to the O'Hare airport and just stand in a urinal for as long as possible and take up toilets as well, potentially for hours. Just thinking of this and what kind of mayhem it would create makes it obvious why Chicago moved so quickly.

Now, preventing people from using the rest room is quite simply evil. That's just how Alinsky's mind worked, the guy was defective. But this clearly has parallels to potentially clogging up the big game. The NFL, they're all woke, they've thrown in against the country. But from our standpoint it's just some game. It doesn't really affect people anyways. With that in light, there isn't anything dishonorable compared to Alinsky's proposal. But the real focus needs to be on the results.

The government wants to take total social control of our lives and everything about COVID has become a part of that - meanwhile, government relies heavily upon entertainment of all sorts to keep people distracted with shiny things so they don't rise up. That's what makes the super........... I mean, the big game, such an effective target.

The message is: "you disrupt us, we disrupt you". It's really the ultimate message of protesting. "I can't live my life this way, and now, you can't live this way either." "You people in Washington didn't hear me, now hear all of us."

But let's not forget, protesting also allows people to take command of media coverage. I'm surrounded by people who constantly complain about the media, but while at the same time there are daily opportunities to take command of their coverage and every day, those opportunities are left on the table. They are never used. Where will all the cameras be? All cameras are already planned to be focused on SoFi stadium. We know where, we know the time, we know the day, of the cameras will be. What will the cameras show? Woke football players who are not worth our time and money? Or will the cameras show truckers standing up for the constitution doing exactly what the Founding Fathers told us to do, protesting; it's embedded right there in the constitution. It's such a rare opportunity that we get to take control of the media.

We could if we wanted to.

Do we want to?

Friday, January 14, 2022

The irrelevant George Washington vaccine mandate

Above all else, progressives are master propagandists. There isn't anything they'll take out of context for maximum effect. What happened with George Washington and smallpox is no different.

This is a simple "two hand" comparison problem. In the one hand, you have every living American in George Washington's day, with or without enlistment. In the other hand, you have just military members, enlisted and or active soldiers. Progressives want you to believe that because George Washington had a narrow order that only affected military officials under his command in the one hand and not the wider public, that somehow this is proof that government has wide and unlimited powers that affects both hands. It didn't. In general, commanding officers always have a lot of say over what happens in regard to those under their command. This is a very useful bait and switch, and I even hear my fellow conservatives fall for this trap. It's a trap and nothing more.

If you are not a member of the military and have never been a member of the military, this bit of historical malpractice that progressives have cooked up should make you and anybody laugh out loud.

Outside of members of the military, for people in the first hand who never enlisted, George Washington's orders were and still are irrelevant. They will be irrelevant for all time. That is all. Now if you're a member of the military then we have a different conversation that we need to have.

This is just meant to be a dissection of the propaganda of progressives and nothing more.

Wednesday, January 5, 2022

How did progressives successfully expunge all of America's black heroes from the history books?

One of the most fascinating things I find about progressivism is how they create a problem, and then campaign against that problem all the while disclaiming any fault for its happening. So it is with the black heroes in early American history. But how did progressives accomplish it? How did they erase this? It's not that these heroes were unknowns. Who erased them?

I've said this before and I'll say it here again. This idea that "Americans forget" is unwarranted, NOT when progressives are involved. Progressives are thieves when it comes to all of the highlights of America history. Progressives hate America. No Americans accidentally "forgot where they laid down their car keys". Is it on the tv stand? Did it fall behind the dresser? No. This was an intentionally malicious and pernicious design and has been to erase all of our history. Now, progressives don't always set out with 50 year plans, but they do know how to use progressivism to build more progressivism and they do have more patience than their own lifespans in order to see their goals accomplished.

So it is with the works of Woodrow Wilson. David Barton's son Tim Barton lays this all out plainly, here. As Barton notes, George Washington Carver, Frederick Douglass, and others - Phyllis Wheatley, Crispus Attucks, Peter Salem, and many, many others. All are missing from Wilson's work. Due to Wilson's prominence, these five volumes set the tone for all future historical works that would follow. This is an early progressive echo chamber.

This elimination of history has a predictable outcome if you follow the process. From the beginning with Wilson erasing the black heroes so long ago, it stands to reason that Black Americans feel ostrasized from America for more than a century instead of what it should be, that they earned this just as much as anybody else. This was done in the service of progressivism, which at the time was just as highly racialized as it is today just in a different way. It was not America that erased these heroes, it was progressivism. Am I wrong on this? I don't think so. Let's flip this over so that it's on the other side. The progressives have the power to correct this grievous wrong, do they not? Well then why don't they fix it then? Why don't they fix it?

Who controls universities? Progressives do. Who controls media? Progressives do. So it is progressives who could easily conduct a widespread campaign on every one of their news outlets, using every one of their publishing houses, across every one of their social media platforms, and in every university and textbook nationwide. But do they?


Progressives created this problem. And they exploit it. It would be a detriment to progressive ideology to correct the record about black heroes in early America. This is all in service of progressivism from beginning to end and its over 100 years old. Even right now, as I type, progressivism receives dividends from Wilson's dreadful omission. Tomorrow, they will receive more dividends. And so it goes.

Now that the history books have been cleansed of all the black heroes - the progressives turn around and invent canards such as "white privilege" - this isn't white privilege, it's progressive privilege. Progressives have been causing problems for America and Americans for over a century and yet, still, they have not paid the price for their misdeeds.

Progressivism is America's cancer.

Here is Wilson's five volume set. Go ahead. Look inside, you can search the text with a web browser. No black heroes whatsoever. It's truely despicable. And here also, below, is a free open source audiobook I recorded several years ago from an 1855 text and put out into the public domain, information which in past days was more widely known. It's what I can do as an active and reliable saboteur of progressivism. Please give out copies to whom you can.

Volume 1

Volume 2

Volume 3

Volume 4

Volume 5

The Colored Patriots of the American Revolution, by William Cooper Nell (1855)

If we want to fix this, we must reverse Woodrow Wilson and we must champion American history. The progressive historians are our greatest enemy in this fight. They are NOT correcting the record. They don't want to.

Saturday, January 1, 2022

Do you have any ideas on how we can automate conservatism?

I mainly just want to ask the question, see what kinds of responses I may get or what other discussions flow from it. What could we do to automate conservatism? This can be both in the form of reaching new people as well as helping educate others around us of new things they may not have known.

So far the most prominent answer I have found for myself is the audiobooks. I will be creating those for many years to come as the opportunities for education are immense.

Over the years I have tried to get out of my comfort zone and re-assess, to look back at successes or failures and make changes, just in case I might be missing something or if others have told me something and see something of value. It's 2022! We made it! There are some new things I want to try with the ProgressingAmerica project going forward.

So. In what ways do you think we could automate conservatism?

Thursday, December 30, 2021


It's come to my attention that over on YouTube, my recording of Frederick Douglass' excellent speech What To The Slave Is The 4th of July? has been viewed now over 150,000 times. This one singular item has grown and blossomed in a way that really makes me happy.

I also noticed many commenters there haven't recognized the true import of Douglass' speech - mainly, perhaps, because of it's title. That's alright, you can't win them all. But you can win some and that's the important point. "Some" of 150,000 is a whole lot of people.

I guarantee you many people will listen to the FULL speech and it begins to dawn on them - hey wait a second, this Douglass guy, he's actively defending the Constitution and he's actively defending the Declaration and actively defending the Founding Fathers. Why would he do that?

Hey wait a second, maybe these progressives are liars. This full speech isn't what they told me it is.

Defending the constitution - yeah, Frederick Douglass did that alot. He was a black Republican. What would you expect from a black Republican? Text: (here)

150,000 views, and this speech wasn't really all that much work. I get to defend the constitution, I get to say my opinion,(Yes, Douglass does speak for me) and the best part is big tech can't get rid of it. They're stuck with it.

To all my readers and listeners I emplore you. Do not be deterred by what Douglass titled this speech. Douglass says: "But I differ from those who charge this baseness on the framers of the Constitution of the United States. It is a slander upon their memory" - NPR is lying about this speech. Blatantly, bald faced lying about it. It can be hard to hear or read some of this content, but it is ultimately a great speech.

Saturday, December 11, 2021

Where did all of the progressives go?

In understanding why progressivism and liberalism are not the same thing and even moreso, why progressivism hates liberalism, there are two inescapable facts:

1) During the progressive era, progressives were everywhere.

2) Today, progressives are everywhere.

Well, what's in the middle? For some reason, no matter where I go there is an extreme resistance on the part of conservatives to admit (out loud or even perhaps even to themselves) that progressives re-labeled themselves as liberal and are now wearing camoflage. Why is this? I don't know. Every now and then you see someone attempt to dig it out and they do get it right, but those are far and few between.

We know where the progressives are during the 1900s, they're in the White House they're controlling many parts of the senate and they're setting up the beginnings of the bureaucratic state. We know where the progressives are during the 1910s, we see several destructive Constitutional amendments, and things kind of (we are told by historians) come to a closing right at the end of 1919 going into 1920. Well wait just a minute! No no, stop right here. Examine this. Starting in 1920 where did all the progressives go?

Yes, they got routed politically in the 1920 election and through the remainder of Calvin Coolidge's presidency the progressives got smoked really bad. But did the progressives disappear? No. Progressivism doesn't die. So where did it go? Where did all of the progressives go?

Well the short answer is, the progressives came back as strong as possible during the presidency of Franklin Delano Roosevelt. That's easy, everybody knows that. Except for one problem. Nobody knows it. Let me explain. Is FDR a liberal president or a progressive president? You have to pick, and there's a 50% chance you'll get the answer incorrect.

The answer is that FDR was never ever a liberal president. He was always a progressive. Calling these people "liberal" is the great historical lie. "The Big Lie". But the amount of people who are wedded to this lie is astounding. It is a bi-partisan lock.

So FDR was a liberal. THEN WHERE DID ALL OF THE PROGRESSIVES GO??? See, that's the question that destroys it all. Where. Did. All. The. Progressives. Go? No conservative believes that the progressives just magically went away, did they go "poof"? Did they go to mars? Are they butterflies, did they flutter away up to Greenland? No. They were here all along, they stayed right here, peddling their poisonous wares until the time was right. Like cockroaches in the night. But yet, far too many ignore this. After the 1930's, the progressives came roaring right back again a few decades later in the 1960's. But that's another topic in itself as well.

Where did all of the progressives go? Right here, here is where they went. In his speech on July 02, 1932, accepting the nomination for President of the United States, FDR said:

Let us feel that in everything we do there still lives with us, if not the body, the great indomitable, unquenchable, progressive soul of our Commander-in-Chief, Woodrow Wilson.

So progressive FDR waves high and proud to their history as fellow progressives, then he says this:

Yes, the people of this country want a genuine choice this year, not a choice between two names for the same reactionary doctrine. Ours must be a party of liberal thought, of planned action, of enlightened international outlook, and of the greatest good to the greatest number of our citizens.

There it is. With that, progressivism had successfully been re-named. Our party must be the liberal party he says.

Where did all of the progressives go? Mark the day.

On July 02, 1932, that's the day every progressive died. That's their birthday. July 02, 1932. This sentence is not a contradiction.

Where did all of the progressives go? Look for the camoflauge. This camoflauge is brought to you by the letters "L". "I". and "B".

Some day, I don't suspect it will be within my lifetime, but some day. Some day, conservatives are going to have to go to war to reclaim this word. "Liberalism". They stole it, they don't deserve it, and they certainly didn't do a thing to earn it. Within whatever the final defeat of progressivism entails, this word must be restored away from them. And this word will be a benchmark. Long before progressivism's final defeat, the mask must be ripped off for all time. No enemy is truely defeated who still possesses their camoflage or other tools of war.