Friday, July 8, 2011

Journalists don't understand revolutionaries

In a little noticed interview with Virginia Ironside, she discusses aging. The words of the journalist should shock anybody well versed with revolutionaries.

Journalists don't understand revolutionaries

This interview says a lot about the mindset of journalists worldwide. To americans - Have you ever heard a journalist take Van Jones seriously? How about George Soros? And groups like A.C.O.R.N.?

Journalists don't take any of these people or groups seriously, or the threat that they pose to our society. They just over look it. And it's been this way for a long time. When George Bernard Shaw was out talking about the need for 'lethal chambers' for eugenic purposes, he was met with skepticism. Many thought he was just playing. "Oh, that's just George, yanking everybody's leg". Shaw also talked about the need for 'humane gasses', and even said this on film. This man is playing? Really? Really.

Getting back to Virginia Ironside(who is a fabian, like Shaw was) the real danger is how she's handled by people in the media. In both instances(see the video on my popmodal account, linked above) I'd argue she is mishandled. The first interview on aging, the journalist uses the line "on a more serious note". In the more well known video I linked it with(see here for details), It seems to me that Susanna Reid is in a bit of a rush to end this dialog on part of Ironside. As soon as Ironside first uses the line about putting a pillow over a child's face, Reid attempts to introduce a guest.

Make what you want of it.

I've had this video made for a short while now, but I held onto it so as to release it at the same time I announced beginning the recording of Walter Lippmann's book Public Opinion. There's a lot of good information out there as to why journalists are what they are, and do what they do. This book is one of them.

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