Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Look out! Full revolution is on the table

At an Occupy Wall Street offshoot event, an Occupy Oakland protester had the following to say: (Headline: 1,000 at old Occupy Oakland camp to discuss future)
"If they (police) take over the camp, we're going to reoccupy," Ronald "Rasta" Jones, 31, an Oakland resident who had lived in the Occupy Oakland camp since its first day, Oct. 10, said before officers moved in around 5 a.m. to evict people. "Our objective is for them to keep spending money. ... We're not going to stop."

Jones has let the cat out of the bag. Occupy Oakland/Wall Street is the Cloward and Piven strategy, out on the streets. Overload and collapse the system. But what I underlined is also of note. For someone who seems to have such an important thing to say, note how the writers of the article are willing to launder Jones into 'just some protester'. Who is Ronald "Rasta" Jones? And how did they know Jones has been there since day one? Does it strike you odd that they would know that much about him, yet at the same time know absolutely nothing about him? In an article a few days earlier from the same news source, which even includes the same reporter, you will find the following: (Headline: Jean Quan asks Occupy Oakland to cooperate Page 2)

That struck Ronald "Rasta" Jones as a good idea.

Jones has been part of the encampment since the first day and was arrested when police swept the area Oct. 25.

"This is supposed to be a peace movement," said Jones, 31, who is part of the camp's security team and publicly criticizes the defacing and destruction of property. "If we could get City Hall to work with us, it would be a pleasure and an honor."

So the above article misleads all of it's readers into thinking that Jones is just some guy who just so happened to have been there since day one. Yeah, perhaps they could've just asked him, and it's as simple as that. But this second article really casts a huge shadow upon the first one. It's the same author.

But the problem we face is bigger than just the Cloward and Piven strategy being executed on the streets of some major cities. Anti-Capitalist Teach-In Leader: 'We Have People Organizing Inside of the Military'

"The other thing we stress is building a base in the military. If we’re talking about revolution, it means we have to win other some section of the military to be on our side and most of them are working class people just like the rest of us...We have people organizing inside the military...," Rod explained (around 1:50).

The military is, at this point the last bastion of machinery that the progressives have not totally corrupted. If you've ever asked yourself the question as to why it is that they hate the military so much, you're living the answer right now. Here it is. The military is a protection against the tyranny of a revolution. The average progressive can hem and haw all they want about this or that: Iran, Iraq, South America and other examples that are routinely used; when you get to the core leadership of the progressive movement(people you'd likely never run into), people who call the shots and are major players, this is what it's all about. This is why they hate the military.

If you know anybody in the military, you better reach out to them. Invite them over for thanksgiving, thank them for their service to our country, warn them that they're being intentionally targeted with the intent of being used as a tool to permanently end what is the American experiment. If these people are successful, and I cannot stress to you how close.... how so very close they are to achieving their goals. If these people are successful then depending on your age you'll never taste liberty again. Only your children or grand children will. Maybe even regardless of your age, and your children won't see liberty either. Liberty is not the natural state of man, and "once liberty is lost it's typically lost forever". - John Adams

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