Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The progressives know their own history. Are you familiar with their history?

I wanted to make sure that I put the page number of "Political System X" into it's very own specific headline, so I separated it here.

Now, about that new Obama documentary. I too am unconvinced that the choice of title for it is a coincidence. I know I might be crossing a boundary with this, but there is one thing (non-related to the communist ideology) that I do find to be legitimate in the Communist manifesto, and it's this:

German philosophers, would-be philosophers, and beaux esprits, eagerly seized on this literature, only forgetting, that when these writings immigrated from France into Germany, French social conditions had not immigrated along with them.

This quote sets up a fantastic think piece: When the Communist Manifesto was translated and imported into the United States, was the social conditions of the countries of either Britain or Germany imported as well? Obviously not.(Marx was in Britain at the time of the manifesto's writing, IIRC)

So we have to learn primarily from our own radical revolutionary literature - secondarily from foreign radical revolutionary literature, otherwise we are going to end up chasing our own tails and we will never be able to properly defend our own liberty, much less advance the causes of liberty. So if you're looking for a manifesto for progressivism, your best bet is probably going to be Chase's book. That's their playbook for dictatorship. Why else would Obama be being honored with a film titled "The Road We've Traveled"? Why else would Obama be channeling Theodore Roosevelt's New Nationalism speech?(Roosevelt really was the first to indicate that government should meddle with people's healthcare) Why else would Hillary Clinton be saying she's a progressive like the early 20th century progressives?(During one of the debates) These names from the past seem obscure only because these progressives have mastered the art of revisionism. Who do you think Hillary was talking about? Could be any one of these - "Charles Merriam, who? Margaret Sanger... W D P Bliss... Woodrow Wilson... or others... Nah, not interested." Yes. Yes - The things that have been written, right here in the States', regarding the elimination of American Liberty are things that we MUST be familiar with.

The days are over when Americans don't know who Woodrow Wilson was, and how evil his beliefs were. The days are over when people can't go to you tube and hear Herbert Croly's words in context.(I'm getting there, slowly but surely) The days are over, when people are scratching their heads and wondering why it is that so many republicans don't like Theodore Roosevelt or any number of others who stood staunchly against the traditions that made America great. That's because we put the constitution first, because we're conservatives, and not really republicans all that much. It's because we've read all these people and we know what their true intent really was.


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  1. As an aside note, I have read the Manifesto of the Communist Party, and I didn't like what I found. But it doesn't alarm me the way this stuff from right here in America does.