Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Ickes Named U.S. Oil "Dictator"

In the Idaho Times, May 31st, 1941, the following was reported: (direct PDF download)
Ickes Named U.S. Oil "Dictator"

Petroleum Industry In Full Control of Interior Secretary


HYDE PARK, N. Y., May 31 (U.R) - President Roosevelt today began implementing his proclamation of an unlimited national emergency today by naming Secretary of Interior Harold. L. Ickes virtual dictator of the $10,000,000,000 American oil industry.


Mr. Roosevelt, in a letter to Ickes, gave him power only to "make specific recommendations" to federal or state governmental authorities and, to the petroleum industry. But under the state of unlimited emergency proclaimed by Mr. Roosevelt last Tuesday night, there was little doubt that the "recommendations" of the new coordinator or matters of petroleum dispersion and use would amount to a virtual ukase.

A ukase is tsarist lingo. So if you're wondering how or why it is that we now refer to these appointments in modern times as "Czars", here's your answer.

FDR's 11 Dictators are as follows:

(1) Censorship Dictator (Dictator of Censorship)

(2) Information Dictator (Dictator of Information)

(3) Economic Dictator

(4) Food Dictator

(5) Manpower Dictator

(6) Oil Dictator

(7) Price Dictator

(8) Production Dictator

(9) Rubber Dictator

(10) Shipping Dictator

(11) Transportation Dictator

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