Wednesday, October 31, 2012

George Soros teaches radicalism to his family at dinner time

In an article from the Wall Street Journal (alt link) about Alexander Soros, there's this:

Mr. Soros, 25 years old, is a full-time student pursuing a Ph.D. in history at University of California, Berkeley. He says his knowledge of and interest in philanthropy was honed over the dinner table in conversations with his father, billionaire hedge-fund manager and philanthropist George Soros.

This entire story relies on distortions of reality, but I only want to focus on the more major things. A little way down the article, the younger Soros says this:

Organizations that support the concepts of an open society, justice and minority rights are dear to the younger Mr. Soros. He says that's he's not interested in the "sexy" philanthropic areas of health or technology.

Outside of health and technology, what kind of 'philanthropy' is left? The younger Soros explains. The last line of the article is the glue:

"I'm much more interested in doing things that are more experimental and controversial because I think they could have the greatest impact. My dad's view was always instead of building a hospital in a war-ravaged area, why not try and make peace or solve the actual problem."

Ah, yeah. Like father, like son. Experimental and controversial. And just like the father, the son knows how to manipulate the language in order to cloak his true meaning, for those who don't know progressive-speak. The Soros's have turned "philanthropy" into a loaded term.

We do know what Soros Sr. considers to be "the actual problem". Liberty. He's on video saying so, right here.

When you watch this video, note the similarities in the language of Father and Son.

At :25 seconds into the video, Soros Sr talks about his need to experiment.

At :53 seconds, Soros Sr talks about his "matrix" of foundations and the subversive and disruptive activities. What's the real alarming thing here isn't quite so much what he says, it's the look on his face. He truely loves screwing with people's lives. These are real people he's destroying.

Enter Alexander Soros' subversive activities with Samuel L Jackson. Alexander too, really loves his foundations. These are the kinds of things that can make "philanthropy" into a dirty word - the entire Soros "philanthropic record". They're not "donating" to "non profits" which serve a public purpose, they're building resistance fights and using non profits as a launching pad for the revolution.(If you don't know what I mean by "resistance fights", see the STORM manifesto, section 11) When Soros uses the word "matrix", what he's describing is much closer to the movie than it may seem.

At 1:13 Soros Sr talks about the problem of the sovereignty of states. Yet the last century of US history shows that the more national(less federal) our governmental structure gets, the less individual liberty we have.

Mr. Soros is quite an old man at this point. But unfortunately for us, he has prepared his successor. It's Alexander who will inherit Soros Sr's "matrix", and so far it looks like he's received the training necessary in order to know how to "properly" use that matrix against us.

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