Friday, November 29, 2013

American Thinker submission

I submitted an article and to the American Thinker tonight, I really think it is thought provoking and will illustrate what is my desire to use the progressives own history against them. They want to keep their history hidden beyond the usual bland narratives, and that gives us leverage.

The two primary points in the article are Woodrow Wilson and the British Constitution. I based it a lot off of a report I wrote this summer for my college history class. Hopefully, it will be published. If it is, I will also upload my paper to the internet so that people can read it. But I have to warn people in advance, my paper contains a lot of fluff that was necessary to satisfy professorial guidelines. But due to the nature of what I wrote, as well as the large amount of footnotes, I think it will be a benefit to those who wish to challenge progressivism.

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