Saturday, January 18, 2014

Progressingamerica lecture 1: comparing living and breathing constitutions

Now that 2014 is here, I have decided that I want to take the project in a slightly different direction. I have all of this information, but what good is it if it isn't put to good use? The audiobooks are great, but I still want to do more. For that reason, I have put together my first lecture based on some of my archived posts. I plan to do three of these, all based on different topics, to see if I should do more of them.

I have already posted the transcript for the lecture here, with some small difference. I recorded in first person to take ownership of the message. The transcript is written more objectively.

This first lecture is based almost entirely upon a research paper that I wrote for my last history class over the summer. I have uploaded my research paper to the internet as well, but I want it to be said that there are things in this paper which are troublesome to me. It's a college class - so I have to write based on the professor's requirements. But given that, I tried the best I could to move into the topic of my choice. That's part of what led me to do a lecture on this. I wanted my real message to be broken free and put out to a wider audience. But given as my paper has 21 primary sources in it, it is properly cited and academically reviewed, and it is in full APA format, I want to put this out there for others to use. The one thing missing is the title page, but I'm sure people can understand my reasons for removing that before uploading. :-)

And of course, this paper got me an A. I never doubted that outcome even when I started.

The paper is here. On

Tinyurl for

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