Thursday, February 6, 2014

In 1100 AD, The People knew that the death tax was oppressive

I want to introduce you to a magnificent document that far too few people have read. But before I introduce it to you, I need to remind you of something written in Federalist #84, that English history is American history. Hamilton specifically sites several(major) English documents that are important pre-cursors to the US Constitution.

The earliest of said documents in that chain is the magnificent 1100 Charter of Liberties. Hamilton cites Magna Carta as the earliest, but the M.C. is really reliant upon the 1100 Charter as a precedent. In this Charter of Liberties, you will see, among other things, the second entry:

I take away all the bad customs by which the kingdom of England was unjustly oppressed; which bad customs I here set down in part:

2. If any of my barons, earls, or others who hold of me shall have died, his heir shall not buy back his land as he used to do in the time of my brother, but he shall relieve it by a just and lawful relief. Likewise also the men of my barons shall relieve their lands from their lords by a just and lawful relief.

That's what the inheritance tax is, you purchase your inheritance back from the government. The death tax. When senior members of your family die, their possessions pass to their actual owner - the government. But you can buy them back..... for a price. How can people not see this as oppressive?

Now in modern America, it is progressives who foster and defend this oppressive behavior. People say they favor "progress" in a general sense, but knowledge of history is what will allow us to rightfully describe(not paint or falsely attack) progressives for what they truely want to do: make progress back toward tyranny. We have not made "progress" toward more liberty, we are making "progress" toward all powerful government. I encourage you to read the document for yourself. This is a battle that our forefathers claimed victory on. At one time, enough people new this information to force a king to recognize it. Where we have come since - that's not progress.

But none of the things that have happened over the last century have happened suddenly. They have happened one step at a time - that is how the progressives are progressingamerica.

(side note: We can argue whether or not the king is saying that death taxes are oppressive only for nobility - or for all, but he is still saying it is oppressive either way. If it's oppressive for nobility, then certainly death taxes are oppressive for serfs.)

Now keep in mind, it is generally well known that King Henry made concessions with these. In other words, he is recognizing the belief that was held by the people. This is not about the government, its about the people.

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