Saturday, March 29, 2014

Woodrow Wilson defends his campaign pledge to be an Unconstitutional Governor

On October 3rd, 1910, at a campaign rally at the Taylor Opera House, Woodrow Wilson said the following:
If you elect me I will be an unconstitutional Governor in that respect. I will talk to the people as well as to the Legislature, and I will use all moral force with that body to bring about what the people demand. I am going to take every important debate in the Legislature out on the stump and discuss it with them. If the people do not agree, then no harm will be done to the legislators, but the people will have their way in things. This is serving the spirit of the Constitution.

I have heard of such a thing as 'the Beard of Guardians'. Is that the constitutional body Mr. Lewis will obey? If it is, the Constitution ought to be changed. The Governor is elected in this State, and if he does not talk the people have no spokesman. I welcome upon the platform any politician who wants to talk. If you elect me your governor I propose to be your spokesman.

I have posted several times about Wilson's pledge to be an unconstitutional governor, but as I am usually good about doing,(when I find them) I wanted to post another article on the same topic to show how it was not just a one time comment on his part. I particularly like this line about "no harm being done to the legislators", which on the one hand carries plenty of implications on its own. On the other the more important follow up question is something along the lines of "what about the damage done to constitutional republicanism and the rule of law?"

You can find Wilson's quote in (of all places) the New York Times. DR. WILSON SAYS HE IS OWNED BY NO ONE, October 04, 1910.

The last thing of note, I think, is how even back then in 1910 the NY Times had no interest in defending the Constitution(any of them) and the rule of law. Campaign rhetoric is treated as just that - as if it has its own basis and starts today. The only two balances are what one or the other person says, not the anchors of right reason and Constitutional protections of the people.


  1. Listening tonight to the Mark Levin show, I heard him talk about Wilson's hatred of the Declaration of Independence, as well as his intention to remake the Constitution; that sent me on a search for sources, which led me to your outstanding blog, and likewise your other website.

    I intend to post something about Wilson's progressive, dangerous time in office, and would like to link to your blog here, please, with your permission.
    Specifically, this post and another from 2/25/12.
    Also, I intend to add this blog to a blogroll of other conservative bloggers I keep in my margin there. Please feel free to drop by, offering your astute, incisive comments if you like~

  2. Thanks for the thoughtful reply. Link to anything you like, in particular the original sources. Nothing is going to be so helpful for pushing back against these people than what's verifiable, long standing, and not "just his or their opinion".

    I spoke with Mark on 7/2/2013 if you did not catch it.