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Matthew Arnold to John Morley, M. P.

To John Morley, M. P.

Cobham, April 8, 1884.

My Dear Morley - In spite of your prohibition, I was fully intending to answer your kind letter when the rush of arrears on me had a little subsided. The thought of you, and of one or two others, was often present to me in America, and no doubt contributed to make me hold fast to 'the faith once delivered to the saints,' though, in truth, I have not that talent for 'blague' and mob-pleasing, which is a real talent, and tempts many men to apostasy.

I have shaken hands with friends of whom I had never seen or heard, but who are going the same way as myself, and who have found me a help to them for some years past.

It must have been one of these friends who wrote the article for the Sunday issue of the Boston Herald - a coarse paper, but perhaps the strongest in America - of which I think you may like to read the full text.

I will send the Emerson. I have not yet read your essay on him - I have read nothing, - but I imagine we are pretty well in sympathy about him. - Ever yours affectionately,

Matthew Arnold

P.S. - Under your friend Stead, the P.M.G., whatever may be its merits, is fast ceasing to be literature.

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  1. P.M.G. is the Pall Mall Gazette, William Thomas Stead was its editor.