Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Progressive Journalism and the History of Narratives in the News

I have completed a study paper on the roots of progressive journalism.

I did not do this for any of my classes, I did this on my own because I wanted to and because I truely think it needed to be studied in a more formal fashion. I have been looking around at a handful of peer-reviewed journals that deal with history, but I do not trust them. Plus, there is the issue of copyright and I do not want what I wrote to fall into the trap of being locked away on some journal's pages on the month of June of whatever year, never to be seen by the world again for 100+ years until the copyright expires.

I want this to be readable by everyone, easy to share and freely available for everyone. Most importantly, I think this will be useful by all of my readers and hopefully more who see it. I hope someone does more research than I have done into the history of progressive journalism and digs up even more, I assure you there is more, and if what I have written helps establish a solid basis for such research, I will be very thankful.

This problem of progressive journalism is a problem we must deal with, and knowing where it comes from is an important part of solving the problem. I would even go so far as to say that it cannot be completely dealt with unless its history is known and effectively used. A never ending back and forth is just that - neverending. What good does that do anybody? There needs to be finality and their own history provides the substance for such finality.

The paper discusses several individuals, such as Will Irwin, George Creel, Walter Lippmann, and Upton Sinclair. I am taking time to re-read this a few more times before I finally release it, but I think I have completed it as it should be.

If you have thought to yourself that progressive journalism is as big of a problem as I have come to believe it is, I am confident you will want to read this.

I have titled it: "Government by Journalism - The Road to America".

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