Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Government by Journalism, Planned Parenthood style

If a tree falls in a forest and nobody was there to hear it, did it really happen? If baby parts are being sold and nobody is there to report it, were those parts really sold?
"They(journalists) decide what their readers shall know, or what they shall not know" - William Thomas Stead, Government by Journalism

The latest chapter of this grotesque storyline is that Margaret Sanger's Planned Parenthood is warning the media not to play any of these videos, or even report on them. But it is pretty clear that there was a coverup before that letter was even sent.

To what end would the media cover this up? To influence public policy, clearly. Follow the bouncing ball:

1: The less people who know all of the things that have been said on these videos -

2: The less people will call their representatives to look for something to be done -

3: The less chances there are congress will actually stop giving tax payer funds for this -

Its not a coincidence that conservative activists have to go out themselves and do what 60 minutes and others used to do with groups such as Planned Parenthood. The lack of undercover videos over the years is the real test of: "They decide what their readers shall know, or what they shall not know"

There is a long history of journalists and media personalities using(abusing) their positions of authority for the express purpose of achieving an aimed at goal, with some of this history even being openly discussed or written about by the people on the inside. Due to its directness and perhaps even brevity, the article Government by Journalism is probably the top example.

Here is the article, it explains a lot for those who have been wondering 'how did we get here'.

If we can't even get the truth into the hands of the American people, there is not a reasonable expectation that the people will do the right thing. And by extension, our elected leaders.

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