Friday, December 18, 2015

Progressivism and propaganda - the game of Monopoly

Long before progressives used video games as a vehicle for their embedded message,

Long before progressives used TV shows as a vehicle for their embedded message,

Long before progressives used hollywood as a vehicle for their embedded message,

There was Monopoly. More specifically, the original name of Monopoly was The Landlord's Game. To be fair to the Parker Brothers, they did(probably) do some watering down of the original agenda. But much of the original framework remains.

Have you ever asked yourself why there are railroads on the board? That's a remnant of the war on trusts; the war on the railroads; the war on eeeevil capitalists; the war on the "robber barons". That's why those railroads are there on the board. To advance the Georgist agenda. Why is that big "Go To Jail" square in the far corner of the board? That's a remnant of the original "No Trespassing" bit.

The year was 1904, and Lizzie Magie came up with a great idea: She could invent a board game in order so that she could show all the little children how evil that landlords are. The original name of the game really does give up the whole intent. Here's what Magie actually wrote on the matter:

It is a practical demonstration of the present system of land-grabbing with all its usual outcomes and consequences," says Miss Magie

So you see, land grabbing land grabbers need to be exposed. There can't possibly be a legitimate case for someone to build an apartment and rent to someone else. And who do we target? Why, the children of course. That's the beginning of the article. It's only one page. Here, this is from the end of the article:

It was the original intention of the author simply to work out a demonstration of how the landlord gets his money and keeps it, but while doing this there gradually developed a game which has proven one of amusement as well as of instruction and one which has attractions for both old and young.


Children of nine or ten years and who possess average intelligence can easily understand the game and they get a good deal of hearty enjoyment out of it. They like to handle the make-believe money, deeds, etc., and the little landlords take a general delight in demanding the payment of their rent. They learn that the quickest way to accumulate wealth and gain power is to get all the land they can in the best localities and hold on to it. There are those who argue that it may be a dangerous thing to teach children how they may thus get the advantage of their fellows, but let me tell you there are no fairer-minded beings in the world than our own little American children. Watch them in their play and see how quick they are, should any one of their number attempt to cheat or take undue advantage of another, to cry, 'No fair!' And who has not heard almost every little girl say, 'I won't play if you don't play fair.'

How often do you hear the adult children, the progressives, come on TV and proclaim that this or that isn't fair?

Is it fair to target children for the purposes of propaganda? The progressive would never actually answer that question with a yes, but their actions speak yes the loudest. Here's the last sentence of the article:

Let the children once see clearly the gross injustice of our present land system and when they grow up, if they are allowed to develop naturally, the evil will soon be remedied.

So you see, if you want to abolish capitalism, exploit the children. You have to embed the message at the earliest ages in order for it to have the utmost success, and it has to be embedded everywhere. TV, movies, video games, board games, school, church, science, and any other place. The approved message must be synonymous in all corners, and it must be unopposed.

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