Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Would progressive ideologues freak out if an insurance company claimed that policies were living and breathing documents?

At the time I signed my policy. That's the deal. But what if the insurance company had a panel of nine experts wearing black robes that actually said that the policy was a little different than that, just because I signed my policy 5 years ago? Hey, things have changed. We need to evolve with the times. All that insurance providers ask or desire is permission - in an era when "development," "evolution," is the scientific word - to interpret this policy according to the Darwinian principle; all they ask is recognition of the fact that a policy is a living thing and not a machine. Now I hope you don't misunderstand - An insurance policy is no more living and breathing than the Constitution is. But I think this is an instructive exercise in understanding the beliefs of progressivism. And yes, that was a quote directly from Woodrow Wilson, with one or two words changed.

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