Wednesday, February 17, 2016

New audiobook release: The Colored Patriots of the American Revolution, by William Cooper Nell

One thing progressives are very, very good at is omitting facts that they find to be too difficult to deal with. So it goes for all of the black heroes who fought alongside our Founding Fathers during the American Revolution. The progressives continual racial narrative is what it is.

I first learned of this book through Founders Fridays, because of the work of David Barton. After I read about 5 or 10 pages, I knew it needed to be made into an audiobook so that more people could consume it.

Progressives have controlled the universities, have controlled history; for over 100 years. If the progressives gave a damn about American History and this history specifically, they would have stopped cleansing their books of this content a long time ago. It is up to us conservatives to keep the memory of these people alive, these heroes, not just because of how it challenges the modern narrative, but primarily because it is simply the right thing to do. Nobody else has an interest in doing so.

Every aspect of the foundation and forming of America is one of the best examples of the decency that humanity has to offer.

Audiobook download here, it is in a YouTube playlist here. I know that not everybody is interested in audiobooks, so FWIW this book would make a great addition to your reading list. The text is in the public domain, the audiobook is in the public domain.

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