Thursday, May 5, 2016

Open discussion: Was the Republican Party communist for a 30 year period?

I'm seeking input here.

In preparing for another blog posting, I am once again contrasting Progressivism with Communism as competing ideologies.

But every time I do this, I get a barrage of messages about how Progressivism is not different than Communism, and that I should treat them exactly the same. But if I do this, I need to know where the rest of you stand.

Many of the Republicans in the early 20th century, including but not limited to Jane Addams, Learned Hand, Felix Frankfurter, Hiram Johnson, Albert J. Beveridge, Boies Penrose, Alf Landon, Frank Knox, Hamilton Fish, Gifford Pinchot, and Theodore Roosevelt, were all progressives. Many of them were so loving of their progressive ideology, that they openly supported the Progressive Party - the Bull Moose Party - or they directly joined it. (Frankfurter is the only one who was not a republican, but he did support the Bull Moose Party)

So I need to know, what do you believe?

Do you believe that Theodore Roosevelt founded a Communist party in 1912?

There are several National Parks, protected lands, and even a tree in America is named after Gifford Pinchot. Do you believe that these are named after a communist?

Do you believe that the Republican Party ran a communist for the 1936 election?

Do you believe all that Jane Addams did all that she did in devotion to Karl Marx?

Do you believe that in 1924, Calvin Coolidge nominated a communist - a red - to the Supreme Court?

Do you believe that when you stood in front of Mount Rushmore, and you looked at one of the four heads, the one wearing glasses, that you saw the likeness of a devotee of the commune?

These are not the things that I believe. I believe that Progressivism is different than communism, I believe that Progressivism is worse than communism. But that's not what's important here.

For those of you who believe that Progressivism = Communism, I generally believe that you are talking about post 1960's Progressivism. Post 1960's, yes, Progressivism is mostly communist. But we cannot limit ourselves to life beyond the 60's, otherwise the progressives win. Let's just foist a white flag of surrender now, and forever hold our peace. Progressives need the shadows to hide in. I for one will not turn off the light.

But I really want to know what others believe. Do you believe that Progressivism is the same as Communism, and ALL that that implies? Because if this is truely what you believe, then you believe America's first Communist president came into office in 1900, and I don't really think very many people believe that. It also means that the Republican Party from the years of about 1895-ish to about the 1920's-1930's is also fond of the hammer and sickle.

I know I don't believe these things. But I want to know what you believe.

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