Saturday, August 6, 2016

Will Barack Obama be a dangerous post-president?

The closer and closer we get to the election, the more I see people harping on the theme "there's only x many days left until the election", "I can't wait until Obama isn't president anymore", "this error is almost over"........


Do you seriously expect Obama to go away quietly into the night just because his term is over? Because if that's what you think? I honestly wonder if you've not learned anything over the last 8 years.

This guy isn't going anywhere. Yes, he won't be president anymore. But you aren't rid of him. The nightmare isn't over, it's only just begun. Obama is going to be a very active, very oppressive post-president. So you can stop counting the days now. That's a waste of time and a false harbinger of hope.

You think Jimmy Carter has been an active post-president? As they say: "You ain't seen nuthin yet."

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