Thursday, December 8, 2016

Tyranny re-focuses: Targetting the electoral college

The Electoral College(EC) is anti-democratic. It's supposed to be anti-democratic. Democracy does not work. It is a failure of a system, it's simply a bad idea. One of the many great features of the EC is that it protects the people - and the Republic - from the known, historically proven failures of democracy. Democracy always fails - no good parent would seriously do that to their children, inflict them with purely democratic government. Good parents give their children Republics, representative republics which as a guiding feature limit the size and scope of the national government.

It's simple to understand why those faithful to progressivism want to abolish the EC. A purely national vote would hand the election every time to any silver-tongued demagogue or two-bit tinpot dictator who sought the presidency. Progressives have for generations stated that's what they want, a benevolent dictator. They even mingle with communists like Van Jones, so that ought to let you know where they're headed.

You can tell how bad they want to get rid of the EC, because they're even playing the race card, even though the EC is not the result of that. The EC came out of the Connecticut Compromise, where little states like New Jersey and Connecticut worried about big states like New York and Virginia. In the irony of ironies, the Electoral College was born because of equality and fairness. The progressives like to tell you that's what they favor, equality and fairness, but they really do not. The EC is one example to prove this.

There's three reasons why we have the Electoral College, the third of which few people know or realize:

1: Equality and fairness among the states, so that people in less populated districts are allowed to have a say against people in the big cities.

2: Protection against democracy. Long live the republic!

3: Protection from cabal and corruption. The EC is actually very good at this, and it doesn't get talked about enough.

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