Thursday, June 1, 2017

Deception is a cornerstone of progressivism

Lies are as important an ingredient in the ideology of progressives as is h20 in water.

Two months ago, a Planned Parenthood pamphlet from 1952 was making the rounds, and everybody was rushing to condemn the organization for it. Here is the pamphlet. Here it is again, and again and again. The last link is the most direct, but at the same time the most problematic. It states at the top "MATTERS OF LIFE AND DEATH".

This entirely misses the point and as far as I'm concerned, it's dangerous.

If you guys want to attack individual leaves on the tree, you'll never kill the tree itself. That's the problem with this. Every one of these articles - not one of them uses the name of progressivism. Not one. Do you not realize that if you did kill this leaf, the tree would simply grow another leaf?

You won't find a pro-Planned Parenthood comment coming from me, but there's a huge difference between forests and trees.

This pamphlet is actually an indictment of progressivism as a whole, not just this one organization. Progressives have always lived in the "here and now" and this pamphlet is a great example. That is, their primary mode of operation is "what do I have to say here, now, in order to win?"

That's what this pamphlet is all about. They'll deal with the consequences later. Since they control the media, consequences never come. Even our media, focuses on the micro while never pointing to the macro. The big picture. You're right, that one color there in that one section is indeed blue. But the whole picture tells a story! That story is never told.

It's been like this for progressives since the beginning, this isn't anything new. Woodrow Wilson lied about wanting to keep us out of the war. The initiative, referendum, and recall were sold to Americans under false pretenses. The entirety of modern liberalism is a lie! They've been progressives all along, but they spent decades with the shiny new label of "liberalism" from the 1940s until after 2000. That's 60 years! And they're still doing it now, they're not yet ready in total to give up on using the word "liberal" as a hiding ground.

In general, it doesn't matter where you look for progressivism, they must lie, cheat, and steal in order to achieve their purpose.

The only time you find progressives honest enough about their beliefs, is a brief few year period early on in their writings and speeches.

It is especially ingrained after being utterly destroyed after the turn of the 1920's: In order to simply survive, progressives had to come up with a way, and that way was to take over the word "liberal" in the 1930s. Progressives cannot and will not be honest ever again. They've learned their lesson.

We need to learn ours. In this instance, the issue is not the actual issue. The real issue is progressive ideology and how to destroy it.

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