Sunday, July 30, 2017

McCain supports government healthcare because Theodore did

Those who do not know their history are doomed to repeat it.

So it is, where countless articles have been written now about McCain's recent betrayal on the Obamacare repeal vote, but none of them looks at the issue historically. McCain is being true to his hero Theodore Roosevelt here. This is a high-school boy-crush on McCain's part, and it is pure progressive ideology on display for all to see who wish to see it in its raw ugliness. They all want government to control your healthcare, the progressives, and they've wanted it this way since 1912.

One of the planks of the 1912 Progressive Party Platform, written by Roosevelt himself, says the following:


We favor the union of all the existing agencies of the Federal Government dealing with the public health into a single national health service without discrimination against or for any one set of therapeutic methods, school of medicine, or school of healing with such additional powers as may be necessary to enable it to perform efficiently such duties in the protection of the public from preventable diseases as may be properly undertaken by the Federal authorities, including the executing of existing laws regarding pure food, quarantine and cognate subjects, the promotion of vital statistics and the extension of the registration area of such statistics, and co-operation with the health activities of the various States and cities of the Nation.

Single national health service - yes, you read that right. Theodore Roosevelt favored universal, single payer healthcare. It's right there for all of us to read. And this isn't the only time Roosevelt called for government intervention into the medical situation of private individuals. In his "Confessions of Faith" speech, TR stated the following:

What Germany has done in the way of old-age pensions or insurance should be studied by us, and the system adapted to our uses, with whatever modifications are rendered necessary by our different ways of life and habits of thought.

Germany was the first country on the planet to nationalize its healthcare. That's his model!

This is big government folks, this is progressivism. And nobody in the senate loves Theodore Roosevelt more than John McCain. The square deal, the new deal, the better deal, what a big deal!

Here is video of McCain from 2000 lauding TR, here is McCain calling himself a "TR Republican", and here is a McCain campaign ad titled "the man in the arena", which is a well known TR quote.(Including TR video clips)

Every time he mentions Theodore Roosevelt, McCain is signaling to his other friends in the senate that he stands on the side with big government. That's why every time you turn around, McCain is always attacking conservatives. That's what Progressive Theodore Roosevelt did too. Big government is as big government does.

I believe in reincarnation because I see it in action. Theodore Roosevelt was reincarnated after he passed. He's now a senator from Arizona.