Saturday, August 26, 2017

Historians are an under-appreciated threat to America

Fake News? That pales in comparison to Fake History. As committed socialist George Orwell once wrote:
He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past.

There is an article in Vox yesterday which explains exactly why there need to be more conservative citizen historians so as to hold "the experts" accountable. Titled "“They have no allegiance to liberal democracy”: an expert on antifa explains the group", faux-historian Mark Bray accurately admits that Antifa terrorists have no interest in Freedom.

They have no allegiance to liberal democracy, which they believe has failed the marginalized communities they’re defending. They’re anarchists and communists who are way outside the traditional conservative-liberal spectrum.

Now understand, the phrase "Liberal Democracy", that's not a nod to big government progressives like the Clintons. No, that's aimed squarely at so-called "Classical Liberalism" (The real, only liberalism), That's aimed at the Founding Fathers and any other small government group, effort, individual, or viewpoint. He openly admits that Antifa is communist. That means they want tyranny instead of small government Liberty.

Additionally, Fake Historian Bray also admits to the interviewer his own outlook. "He’s sympathetic to antifa’s cause and makes no effort to hide that."

Mark Bray is making the classic mistake: "This big government group over here is bad, so therefore I must join(or support) the other big government group over there because they are the good guys."

That has never, ever worked. The only time in human history where you see a long-lasting peace, freedom, etc, is with the American Revolution where both sides of the big government equation were rejected, and briefly during the Tea Party movement, which was not centered around one man or big government ideology. Small government was instead fostered. The Constitution was fostered. Republicanism(not the party) was promoted.

There's no question in my mind that Fake Historians and the falsehoods they promote is a bigger problem than Fake News, and this idea that Antifa is somehow the good guys is right up there. If historians told the truth, the Fake News about how great Antifa is couldn't stand. It couldn't possibly work.

Communism and Fascism are inherently evil. It's that simple. A real historian would recognize that.


  1. Historians could easily put to bed the false rumors told about the Founders.

    They could easily put a significant barrier on all of the book burning aka monument crashing that is currently going on.

    They could set the record straight about Communism, about a lot of ills in our society.

    Instead, they do nothing. At best they do nothing and at worst, they pick sides. Both sides are wrong here and there's no honor in either one. Fascism is evil, communism is evil.

    If you're sitting there watching the news and disapproving of what you see, don't blame the journalist. That's not to say that they aren't guilty, but the real problem is most likely a historian.

    If you want real solutions to real problems, step one is diagnosing the actual problem. Chasing symptoms of problems just does not work.

  2. This post is excellent reading (plus your comment); but how long do you think it will take regular Americans to realize how brutal and how dangerous Antifa movement truly is?

    Like you say, no media organization will identify Antifa as that: All the media do in this case, is hype Antifa, since they are all so Anti Trump right now~

    Excellent post, friend~!

  3. A few problems: 1. History is written by the winners. It's almost always some form of propaganda. 2. The new left hates history, considering it to be created by white men and a "tool of patriarchal oppression." 3. History also shows that Marxism doesn't work, whereas the left tends to prefer ideology to actual fact. 4. The new left doesn't care all that much about empirical facts anyway, as their movement is driven mainly by emotion.


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