Sunday, November 3, 2019

Shouldn't all of the states be taken off of welfare?

There's an interesting headline out there today, which can serve as a good educational moment. Due to the ravages of the fires out in California, the White House is threatening to cut off federal funding.

Now first off, The notion of this phrase "federal funding" (the article also uses the phrase "state funding") is offensive because it's dishonest. It's welfare, that's what it is. I'm not interested in P.C. comfort terms. As I wrote in May of 2017, when the progressives were starting off building their nanny-state empire, they had a very specific list of welfare queens - 48 of them to be exact. When progressives are determined to achieve a goal, they are very crafty in a deceitful way of achieving their goals.

The progressive notion of putting the states on welfare first, before turning individuals into welfare queens was destined for success.

But why are we keeping around such a relic from a discredited ideology? I mean, I know why the progressives want to keep it, it's because they really don't like the states and want to subjugate them just like they want to subjugate us. That's why they put together court rulings such as Wickard v. Filburn. Count me out. Wickard also needs to be repealed.

Now in the short term, there is probably some merit to getting California to actually do something useful about these fires. Federal Government does in fact have California on food stamps, so why not cut off said food stamps? Ok, well if we only want to engage in extreme short term thinking is that workable. That's not what I'm talking about though. I'm talking about the underlying issue of this long-standing welfare scheme, and looking out over America as a whole over the last 100+ years, these schemes of progressivism are an absolute horrific failure.


  1. Even more laughable are the talking heads out there that are saying that Trump is bullying the states using federal aid. No, he isn't. Trump wasn't alive in 1914 when the states were put onto welfare.

    This is the media trying to have it both ways.

    When Obama wanted the states to do a certain thing, what did he do? Cut their aid.
    When Jimmy Carter wanted the states to do a certain thing, what did he do? Cut their aid.
    When JFK wanted the states to do a certain thing, what did he do? Cut their aid.
    When FDR wanted the states to do a certain thing, what did he do? Cut their aid.

    It's all par for the course with these progressives. They want complete social control over everything you hold dear. And let's calculate this. We could do great damage to progressivism by repealing state welfare. Which is why you DON'T see anybody in the media saying that it should all be repealed. They just whine that Trump is using it the incorrect way.

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