Saturday, January 14, 2012

Big progressive change is closer than we American Communists think

The Communist Party USA is claiming victory. Via CPUSA: This is an FDR/MLK moment
The tea party was supposed to be the new majority trend in our country. But where is the tea party now? They are still a well-organized and financed group. They tried to help Walker and Kasich. I'm sure they were working in Ohio, Miss., etc., but they could not match the united might of organized labor, the unity of black, brown and white, Asian Pacific, Native American Indian in struggle. Men, women, youth, old, gay and straight - united nothing can stop us.

Where was the tea party? They had plenty of money but they were out organized, out strategized, and most importantly, their bankrupt ideas are losing support among honest working people. They are not a match for the united power of the organized working people, along with racial and nationally oppressed, youth and students, women, LGBT, peace and justice struggling together in a broad popular front. That's what is needed to turn the tide.

Our job is to contribute all that we can to maximize that power. And that is what will set the stage for a new progressive era and for a socialist transformation. Big progressive change is closer then we think.

While American progressivism was more Fabian in it's original form, they've been much closer to Marxian ideals ever since the 60's. And now we're seeing the fruits of that. The USSA is upon you. You should pick your preferred politburo now, before the mass killings begin. And if you think I'm being a bit overly-hyperbolic about that, think again. Over 100 million people were killed in the 20th century due to communism. Now it's our turn to slaughter ourselves for the glorious utopian revolution.

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