Friday, January 27, 2012

Theodore Roosevelt's letter to Charles Benedict Davenport, on eugenics

Want to be looked at by government like a farm animal? If your stock isn't good enough, perhaps we could just sit people in front of the politburo and force them to justify their existences. Doesn't sound good to you? Would it be too far to go out on a limb and say that Theodore Roosevelt would've agreed with the notion? In his letter to Charles Davenport, people's stock being 'farmed', is exactly the notion he advances. You can read the letter here, but I would much prefer you listen to it. Youtube link. (Also, Popmodal. But the audio doesn't seem as good.)

It has a much greater impact in audio, doesn't it? This(among many other things) is the danger of progressivism. Big governments inevitably become abusive.

This would have an even greater impact if it were recorded by a professional. And one day, I hope that happens. It needs to happen. We simply cannot afford to allow progressives to run away from their history any longer.

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