Friday, December 21, 2012

Bernard Shaw's advice: Abolish the constitution

Here are two old videos of an interview with Bernard Shaw. It's the same interview, just captured at different angles, probably by different camera crews as they're cut differently. These interviews took place quite some time into FDR's presidency, as Shaw makes reference to the Court's repeated actions to stop him.

Bernard Shaw:

I've been here before, I told you what to do and you haven't done it. And you're up to your neck in trouble, in consequence. I told you in New York. I put it to you very carefully and exactly. I told you that what you had to do in this country was to abolish your constitution, which was preventing you from doing anything. And now you see what's happened since. Every attempt you've made to do anything the Supreme Court immediately stops it and says it's against the constitution.

Well, I tell you again to get rid of your Constitution. But I suppose you won't do it. You have a good president and you have a bad Constitution, and the bad Constitution gets the better of the good President all the time. The end of it will be is that you might as well have an English Prime Minister.


Bernard Shaw told us to abolish our constitution

Bernard Shaw urged Americans to ditch their Constitution

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