Saturday, December 22, 2012

Eleanor Roosevelt received an award from the League for Industrial Democracy

In "The L.I.D.: Fifty years of democratic education, 1905-1955", written by Mina Weisenberg, the following is written: (Page 36)
ELEANOR ROOSEVELT, Recipient of L.I.D. Award, 1953; "First Woman of the World"

A decade later, the SDS would come out of the League for Industrial Democracy. Previous to calling itself LID, the League called itself the ISS; Intercollegiate Socialist Society.

And to be sure, it's not likely that Mrs. Roosevelt rejected the award. One of her favorite books was written by a Fabian Socialist, Prestonia Mann Martin. (1) (2)

Where this becomes frustrating, is things like this:

Organization of Alumni Chapters is being considered at Berkeley and Fresno, California. The Chicago Fabian Society, which is informally connected with the I.S.S., is holding successful meetings.

That's from the writings of the Intercollegiate Socialist Society themselves. Informal connections, and they've been doing it this way for 100+ years. These radicals, revolutionaries, and evolutionaries, who seek to usurp power and rule over our lives have decentralized themselves. That's why we need to take the time to discover the networks.©®

At least they're connected enough to wish each other happy birthday under more honest auspices.

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