Thursday, March 14, 2013

Do you see the warning signs?

Don't miss the warning signs of radicalism.

I recently posted a series of two images of a letter, written by Neville Chamberlain, (Now on, here) which is an object lesson in what happens when people don't, won't, or even can't, see the warning signs. For most people, it's don't and won't. They instinctively know they're looking at something ugly, but because none of us are taught proper history in schools we don't know what we're looking at. So they want to shield their eyes hoping it will go away. But for Chamberlain, it was can't. He couldn't see the signs, and he made life much much worse. Certainly for his country as well as all of Europe, but perhaps even the globe. We have a lot of leaders today, who can't see the signs. They make excuses, or outright reject what's right in front of their faces and choose to demonize those who do understand what they're looking at.

We are currently in the middle of the rise of radicalism, as Americans. You should take time to ask yourself, "Do I see the warning signs?"

"Do I understand the dangers of so called 'social justice'?"

"Do I see red flags all over the place when I read about Alinskyism?"

"Does my red light turn on when I read about Theodore Roosevelt?"

If(Hopefully when) you listen to that piece of audio I uploaded, I hope you won't just just limit it to anti-semitism. Radicalism goes much, much further than that into concepts such as centralized planning, eugenics, community organizing, social justice, economic justice, environmental justice, class warfare, and much more. Chamberlain's fault was not that he didn't see anti-semitism, but rather the larger problem of radicalism. Are you Neville Chamberlain? Do you dismiss it?

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