Friday, March 22, 2013

Fabian Freeway, now available as an EPUB file

While I was working to transcribe Fabian Freeway, so too, was this guy. is now officially hosting the EPUB file on it's website. My target was the internet, while he made an EPUB. This is very useful, for one, the download is much smaller. The PDF file is 42Mb, whereas the EPUB is less than 1Mb.

Being an EPUB, it's specifically designed for your Kindles, Ipads, even Iphones and other such devices.

My web friendly transcription starts here: (Table of Content)

For those who don't know what this book is and why I would mention it(I'm sure there are many), here is the book's Foreward:


The American people have been and are complacently unfamiliar with Communism’s helpmate, Fabian Socialism. For over fifty years but especially since the middle nineteen-thirties there have been insinuated into high places in our government at Washington men whose collaboration in this socialistic movement has been greatly responsible for breaking down our constitutional form of government and substituting therefor the Socialist idea of centralized government.

Every loyal American should read this book. It is well documented, and proves beyond doubt that those who have wielded such vast influence upon successive Presidents, especially since Franklin Roosevelt, do not have a desire to retain the freedom of the individual and the free enterprise system, but rather seek to establish the very coercion from which our forefathers fled. The reader will be shocked when he comprehends that there are those in high places in government who are dedicated to this Socialist movement. The ultimate objective of the Fabian Socialist movement is no different than the ultimate objective of the Communist movement….

To those who have an inquiring mind, and to those who wish to understand the tragedy of abandoning our form of government under which we prospered and under which our people have freedoms never enjoyed before in the history of the world, this book is a “must.” It will enlighten the American people, and it is hoped that a reaction will set in demanding that the Walter Lippmanns, the Schlesingers, the Rostows and a vast number of others disclosed in the book as Fabians, be exposed for what they are so that their influence on government will terminate.

The author has rendered a great public service. Whether you agree or disagree with the conclusions or the philosophies enunciated herein, you cannot close your eyes to the documentation of the progress of this evil movement.

          Loyd Wright

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