Tuesday, March 22, 2016

No, Mr. Roosevelt. What you did was establish American tyranny

The progressingamerica project exists primarily, for more than any other reason, to show just how dangerous progressivism is. The progressives own history is one of the best weapons we have against these people. Read this, this is Obama. He could have very well said this in our time.
Now, my ambition is that, in however small a way, the work I do shall be along the Washington and Lincoln lines. While President I have been President, emphatically; I have used every ounce of power there was in the office and I have not cared a rap for the criticisms of those who spoke of my 'usurpation of power'; for I know that the talk was all nonsense and that there was no usurpation. I believe that the efficiency of this Government depends upon its possessing a strong central executive, and wherever I could establish a precedent for strength in the executive, as I did for instance as regards the external affairs in the case of sending the fleet around the world, taking Panama, settling affairs of Santo Domingo and Cuba; or as I did in internal affairs in settling the anthracite coal strike, in keeping order in Nevada this year when the Federation of Miners threatened anarchy, or as I have done in bringing the big corporations to book—why, in all these cases I have felt not merely that my action was right in itself, but that in showing the strength of, or in giving strength to, the executive, I was establishing a precedent of value.

Theodore Roosevelt spat upon George Washington with his presidency. GW and the rest of the Founders tried to prevent the very thing TR let loose. Madison's notes are replete with discussions and warnings and worries that are very much the embodiment of progressivism in general, with Obama, FDR, Wilson, and TR in particular. The precedent TR set only has value to the Obamas and the Alinsky's of the world. It's our job to try to undo this damage.

Yes, I know, I'm going to get flamed for being "anti Theodore Roosevelt". Listen to this:

In the great days of the Roman Republic no harm whatever came from the dictatorship, because great though the power of the dictator was, after a comparatively short period he surrendered it back to those from whom he gained it.

To my knowledge, during the Republic the dictator was term limited. That's a far cry from "surrendering" it. But that's not really the point. I don't want to get stuck on Roman history here, because to do that would be to let the progressives get away with it, and I don't want to let progressives get away with it. Every progressive has some dictator that they love. That's a big problem for a free society. TR made clear that he loved the embodiment of a dictator, that much cannot be denied. And it's not just that he had dreams of being an American dictator, he tries to be an apologist for his usurpations. Dreaming of a day when there would be no constitution to stand in his way. That pesky constitution, Yes! Those Roman dictators, though, they were so lucky! They didn't have to worry about getting around such obstacles.

This comes from a letter Roosevelt wrote to Sir George Otto Trevelyan on June, 1908. (pages 92-95)

This is absolutely indefensible, what TR wrote and believed, and acted upon those beliefs. Obama's Che is TR's Caesar. I know I shouldn't get mad when I see progressives glorifying totalitarianism since the progressives are themselves totalitarians - but I'm an American. My promise is that of Liberty. Why shouldn't it upset me? The constant barrage and theft of our liberties from progressives makes me sick.


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