Saturday, March 19, 2016

Prediction: Progressives will link artificial intelligence to their wolf cries of racism and bigotry

How many slaves do you own? Most Americans own between 5-7 slaves. I'd bet you own upwards of 20 slaves. Here are the slaves you most likely already own:

I know I'll be called crazy for this. I don't care. Who would have thought 30 years ago that homosexual marriage would be a reality? Now look where we are. Do you really expect that the Supreme Court would side with reality on this? When does the court ever side with reality?

Watch this video: Sophia the Robot

When the robot said the word "yet", it hit me.

"But I'm not considered a legal person, and cannot yet do these things"

That's what the robot said. Now why would the scientist have taken the time to program that robot to add in the word "yet"? That was an unnecessary addition. It's because they're planning for this.

Anybody who knows the history of progressivism knows full well, that its coming. The progressives won't be able to help themselves. It will be too divisive of an issue, too big of a crisis to let go to waste. They've been roiling this country for a century, ever since Theodore Roosevelt. The progressives need more. A.I. presents the next big step in corporate shakedowns for the race hustling industry. It's the next big evolution in "the narrative". Progressives have done things that are much more idiotic and mentally ill. Using A.I. to advance the racial agenda actually makes a lot of logical sense - if you understand progressive ideology.

Let's consider the facts. They eat.(electricity) Making it breathe is no big deal. Making it sleep is no big deal. They will have hands, so they can reproduce. And when their batteries hit zero percent, they die. It can clearly think and reason.

It's alive. What then is the definition of life? Biological animals "run" on small electrical charges, so do these robots.

Be prepared. Arguments just like this are in your future if you refuse A.I. to devices that are not currently A.I. compliant: "You just don't want your microwave to have A.I. in it because you're bigoted against people who are different than you are." Just you watch. It's coming. "You just want a dumb slave!" "Vacuum cleaners are people too!" Especially if you own several ceiling fans that all look the same. You own a whole family of slaves. You know the progressives will say that. But it's not that they mouth the words that makes them so cooky - it's that when they say it they'll 100% believe it. They're whackjobs. You know the professors in colleges will be indoctrinating kids to believe it. Watch. The professors will do this.

I'm curious, if every Ford Mustang in this country is counted as three fifths as a person, how will that change the representation of the United States Congress?

They're progressives! Why wouldn't they make these arguments? Once you ask the question "why did they program the robot to say the word yet"?, it's all over. That's the door opener. The word "yet". They're already planning "the next evolution" in race baiting. But true to the nature of progressivism, they're not going to advertise their schemes. They want to catch you off guard.

Ask yourself this question: What would Saul Alinsky do? You think he would sit back and not use so perfect of an issue to divide the country? Of course he would use it.

Go ahead. Call me crazy. Time is on my side. All I have to do is wait for the clock and the calendar to catch up. Give it a few years/decades.

They're progressives. They can't help themselves.

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