Friday, October 6, 2017

Are you hypnotized by the Constitution?

Progressives have a challenge for all of us conservatives, and they have had this challenge for over a century now. In his book Progressive Democracy, Herbert Croly wrote the following:
Whether conservatives like it or not, the foundations of the traditional system are being tested both by the strain of new social and economic condition and by a flood of suspicion and criticism. If it is going to survive, not only must its adaptability to new exigencies be proved, but also its power to survive the severest possible inquisition.

Public opinion can no longer be hypnotized and scared into accepting the traditional constitutionalism as the final word in politics. If it is successfully to defend its position, conservatism must itself become critical, aggressive, inquisitive and contemporary. The issue has been declared. A momentous discussion has been started. Whether the results of that discussion are beneficial or the reverse will depend chiefly upon the enterprise, the patience, the good humor and the insight with which it is carried on.

Patience is the key here. Even in the early 1900s, progressives were sick and tired of hearing about the Constitution. That's why their level of commitment is as high as it is, that it even spans multiple lifespans. If progressives cannot destroy the Constitution in their own lifespans, they will send out their children as soldiers to continue on the task.(Or indoctrinate our children in colleges to do it) Croly died in 1930, but do we really believe he wouldn't be happy with what is happening today? Of course he would be happy with it.

In order to achieve their purpose, the progressives will lie and cheat so as to foster undue suspicion and false criticism. We see it play out in real time with our own eyes. When facts don't match the progressive agenda? Erase them. When other facts are standing on shaky ground? Send out fake journalists or fake historians to write about it and give the scheme additional credibility. When the final inquisition comes, there won't be a shred of reality on part of the inquisitors, and it will not matter. They will have literally constructed a whole new reality for which all of us can live.

Welcome to the new book burning, where no fire is required. It has been said that the pen is mightier than the sword. That is true, and the indoctrinator is also more powerful than the arson.

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