Thursday, October 26, 2017

Progressive on progressive violence

Progressives are the stupidest people on the planet. They really are.

It's moderately funny to consider that around a year ago, the progressives of today were attacking Woodrow Wilson, and now we have the progressives out there attacking another historical progressive, Theodore Roosevelt. You seen this report? Activists splash red paint on Theodore Roosevelt statue on Museum of Natural History steps

Theodore Roosevelt is being attacked because he was white and because he was an imperialist. This is so incredibly dumb. Theodore Roosevelt was an open progressive. He was proud of social justice. These are not secrets, you can google them andsee the facts plainly. But today's street-level malcontents are so drunk on their own propaganda that they're going to give up the ship and they don't even realize it. The elites know better, but they think they've written so many fake history books that the truth can't ever possibly come out. They think they've got it on permanent lock. But the elites, the leaders of the movement, they are far and few in between.

I've never posted about this directly, because it's too big of a topic for me right now, I have to leave it for the future. But the fact remains, is that when progressives attack imperialism, they are in fact attacking themselves and their own foundation. Progressivism was born of many planks, and progressive ideology would not exist if not for imperialism. It's so important to their existence, that imperialism and the imperialist era.

Most conservatives don't realize this fact, but it will get more coverage at some point in the future. It's too important.

And Theodore Roosevelt is the key, because more than any other progressive of that era, he is the highest profile and most easy to identify imperialist-progressive. He ties the whole thing together. Yes, the imperialist era and the progressive era butt up against each other if you look at a calendar, but that's not superficial. They are deeply linked ideologically.

Just remember this: When progressives attack "imperialism", they are attacking themselves. But they always do it in a way to which they project it as America's fault. No no, don't ask about President Roosevelt, just say "America". Forget about Woodrow Wilson, just say "America". And who was the appointed governor of the Philippines, and who was the secretary of defense, and who was senate president, and who was this and who was that and the Generals and etc etc. These people were all progressives! But forget all that. Just say "America". That's how they get away with it.

And it's been one of their biggest master strokes. The progressive historians covered it up. And they got away with it. You want to expose a cover up, dig here. Dig right here.

But every now and then, someone makes a mistake. It's far and few in between, but it does happen. Whoopsie, got red paint on a progressive's whoops I mean an imperialist's WHOOPS!! I meant to say an American President's statue. Yeah, that's it. That's what it was. Gotta keep the narrative straight.

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  1. You can't expect rational behavior or realistic strategy from a movement that has come to be governed by emotions.