Friday, December 15, 2017

Net Neutrality dies - Freedom is a little safer today

Yesterday was a very, very good day for Constitutionalism, for a free internet, and a very bad, dark day for communists and progressives everywhere. They're still currently crying into their pillows over the whole matter.

Those with dishonesty in their hearts desire to talk about internet service providers, speed throttling, how evil corporations are, and other such absurdities. Net Neutrality has nothing to do with any of that. That's only a sales pitch. You see, the progressives cannot sell to you that they want total control over the internet, so they have to cook up flowery language - the word "Neutrality" ..... ahhhhhhh, so calming. Who could be against "neutrality"? I guess that makes me a bigot.(That's the next charge in line)

This is a fraud. Its a hoax. What a scam!

History tells us everything we need to know. Who did probably more than anybody else to get Net Neutrality off of the ground? Robert McChesney - a red communist.

What organization probably did more than any other to get Net Neutrality off of the ground? The mis-named "Free Press" - a fellow traveling communist front organization.

Who did probably more financiering of Net Neutrality than anybody else in order to get it off the ground? George Soros. I know I'm not telling you anything new here, but when large amounts of Soros money are involved, you know Liberty is under heavy assault. Why did Soros want Net Neutrality so bad?

History: Net Neutrality was originally named "Broadband discrimination". Now, if that isn't a snowflake-fest I don't know what is. But you see, that name was too honest when the eggheads at Columbia University cooked it up in the first place. So they needed something even more comfortable that wouldn't frighten people.

But you see, the liars don't want you talking about red communism. They want you talking about evil corporations. They don't want you talking about Soros' lifetime of destroying lives and building up big government. They want you talking about data bits traveling across wires. They don't want you talking about how Net Neutrality was cooked up in the first place - beyond the paper and out of the communist enterprises. No no no! Don't ever ask how it was invented. Just act like today is the only day that matters. Pay no attention to whatever is behind that curtain.

History: Many people have short memories. But not here. All of the fearmongering that we have heard about what would happen if Net Neutrality were repealed ignores the herd of elephants in the living room: The internet is well over a decade old; Net Neutrality is only roughly 2 years old. For those "missing" 8+ years, none of that garbage they speak of happened. So, maybe someone who was born yesterday could be fooled by this. But I'm old enough to engage my brain and remember how it was - remember that you are now lying. Robert McChesney once wrote that: "The ultimate goal is to get rid of the media capitalists in the phone and cable companies and to divest them from control." It really doesn't matter what I think, per-se, what matters most is what they think. And what they think, when the sales pitch is removed and the liars take their masks off, is that they are waging an anti-capitalist war with the same goal they always have: control over your life. Government must be in control. That is the real goal. I for one do not want communist control of my life or any aspect of it. Those 8+ "missing" years disprove everything and they know it - which is why they don't even try - they just speak in nebulous theories and fearmongering. And with regard to Net Neutrality, the communists and the progressives are in full agreement.

"But that's only their opinions! The Net Neutrality regulations have nothing to do with that!" Net Neutrality's actual codified rules reference the Marxist organization "Free Press" 46 times. So yes, it all does come full circle and the circle is very complete.

You see, the progressives have been dealt a huge blow with the repeal of Net Neutrality, and every time progressives lose, I want to be seen and I want to be heard cheering. I don't care if I stand alone or not. Whatever. The progressives lost yesterday. Yesterday was a good day. That's cause for me to stand and cheer.

I only have one question for you, any who would disagree with my contentions here: You need to show me just one time in history where communism was a good thing for the people. That's your challenge. If you can do that, at least you can then say that Net Neutrality is your second time, your second example, that something the communists cooked up was good too.

Because the history of Net Neutrality is redder than the Soviet Union flag or Chinese flag. And nobody can honestly dispute that fact.

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