Tuesday, December 5, 2017

This data set is incomplete. The Founders and slavery....

What percentage of the Signers of the Declaration of Independence owned slaves? It's about 73%.

What percentage of delegates to the Constitutional Convention owned slaves? It's just under 50%.

Problem is, this data set is complete, and it is purposefully structured to give the Founding Fathers short shrift. Even among slave-holding Founders, there is a clear number of them who even though they owned slaves, they weren't happy or fond of the issue. I came across this "data" while looking up something tangentially unrelated, but I didn't see any conservative blogs or news sites who had directly addressed this so hey, what the heck. It pleases me to be the first.

In my last post, I asked "What if Oskar Schindler were treated the way the Founding Fathers are?", and it's very simple:

Was Oskar Schindler a member of the Nazi party? Yes or no.

This question is of course garbage and meaningless, because if you answer yes then Schindler gets pigeon-holed into the racism and murder of the Nazis, even though he saved over 1000 Jewish lives.(regardless of his motives)

Now, what about the Founders? Just simply asking if any or all of them "owned a slave" is also garbage and meaningless. Likewise, this pigeon-holes the Founders into a position that is unrealistic propaganda. This is quintessential fake history on part of any who ask the question. So what's missing here?

The King's Colonial Governors. Even the most critical propagandizing fake historian doesn't have the spine to claim that the Founding Fathers were the people who created slavery at the nation's founding, so it had to come from somewhere. Where did it come from? Obviously, it came from the King. The King was well known for his oppression against Christians (See the mass exodus of Christians out of England, floating out on ships such as the "Mayflower" for more details), and his oppression against the blacks was just as equal.

Now, you could ask "what percentage of the King's colonial governors owned slaves", but that would not tell the full story just as it doesn't tell the story about the Founders either. It is a proven fact that the King enforced a slavery mandate. He supported the slave trade, and he issued decrees to (the 13) colonies if any dared pass laws outlawing slavery or the slave trade. So then, let's ask a more realistic question:

What percentage of the King's own men in the colonies opposed the King's mandate on slavery?

The answer is zero, BTW. That I have seen, anyways. I can't find one single colonial governor who opposes the King, meaning they get a big fat zero. Well, now we can at least complete the data set, because the reverse is 100%. 100% of the King's men supported the King's mandate on slavery.

Here we go, let's compete the data set now:

What percentage of the King's men supported slavery? It's 100%.

What percentage of the Signers owned slaves? It's about 73%.

What percentage of delegates to the Convention owned slaves? It's just under 50%.

Talk to me about the pattern you see. With a full data set here now, what pattern do you see?

The lies of progressivism are just so easy to put to bed. And, Mr. Samuel Adams, who hated slavery, is 100% correct here.


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