Sunday, April 19, 2020

The media is marginalizing you, conservative protesters. That means you are winning

Three days ago, Salon published this ridiculously snarky piece titled Michigan manbaby protest: Wait, we thought conservatives were "rugged individuals", in which they set up and knock down straw man after straw man pertaining to individualism.

I'm only going to say this and move on: There is nothing inherently anti-individual about protesting. Realistically, protesting is one of the most individual things to do. The originals, our Founders, even found protesting to be so important they embedded it right into the Constitution. We're just doing what they want us to do! Besides, the difference between a conservative protest and a progressive protest is that conservative protests are a group of thousands of individuals, and a progressive protest is like an ant hill. One single unit. A collective.

Anyways, for the first few days, the media were relatively quiet over these protests, not wanting to give them a platform to be heard. But over the last day or two, the media have taken a different turn. Now, they are doing their level best to try to associate every one of you with 9/11 truther Alex Jones. Now, suddenly, that there is a narrative that they can get behind and push, they are buzzing like bees in order to see to it that it sticks.

The media does not want you protesting. That gives you more power than they have. It's true! The media doesn't want you to be more powerful than them, they want to be the most powerful. So you are a threat. You must be propagandized and eliminated. Watch for a continued perversion and distortion of the facts on the ground by the people who are supposed to be unbiased and without assumptions.

Walter Lippmann is alive and well. The media is using Lippmann's methods here, and don't want to call you protesters a "group of leading businessmen", because that would carry with it respect and distinction.(Even though, that's who primarily these protesters are) So instead, they are calling you a "combine". In modern terms, they are accusing you of being puppets of a truther.

Editorials reinforce.

The most impactful thing conservatives can do is go out and protest. Protesting solves problems. Protesting works. The media's reaction proves it.

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  1. It's devil-worshipper Amanda Marcotte, who, in one of her columns, once gushed blasphemy about the Son of God and the Virgin Mary. No surprise that she was the chosen mouthpiece to attack Normal Americans.