Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Progressingamerica recordings

For those who read my blog, see my ideas and would like to help or even emulate, I'd like to put out a few of my ideas and launch a side project that others can actively participate in, and announce the launch of a group titled 'Progressingamerica recordings' (link) on Freedom Connector, which is probably the easiest way to facilitate discussions and mobilize our activity. Here are my ideas:

First idea: Give history a voice. Our founding fathers have taken a relentless beating over the last century by progressives and leftists in the colleges. We're all worried about the indoctrination that our children face once they go off to get an 'education', even in grade schools. All levels of education are tainted. Many professors would like to make it seem as if history doesn't matter, they're just racist, or they're just a bunch of old dead rich white guys on some dusty old sheets of paper. But we can change that. If you want to reach a Youtube generation, an easy way to do that is to put it on Youtube. Record the things the founders said in context, directly sourced, and put it on Youtube. I've already started doing this in a small way, a small dedicated team could make these things soar. If people wish to reject the founders based on what they actually said, well that's a whole different story. But we have much power to push back. The same goes for the history of progressivism. They too need to speak and be heard. The progressives have been very good at keeping themselves hidden for all these years. It's time we permanently shine a light in their direction.

Second idea: Give history's voice a pretty face. I know full well my limits, and perhaps you know your own as well - you like the idea of giving the founders a voice but know you couldn't pull that off for whatever reason. But you are good with computer graphics and presentation software. Someone else can do the recording, you do what you're good at and make something presentable for Youtube. Giving the founders or early 20th century progressives a voice and letting them be heard can ultimately only have a limited impact if it's simply posted with a still image.

Third idea: Are you good at research? Or do you already have plenty of books with which to start out with? Books like "The Real George Washington", "The 5000 Year Leap", or "A Patriots Guide to American History"? There will be a need for people of sound historical knowledge to make sure that false quotes and writings of the founders are not falsely attributed or recorded and so forth. How about Ronald J. Pestritto's books on "Woodrow Wilson and the roots of Modern Liberalism"? I personally will be primarily focused on progressivism, given how the founders are generally more well known.

Fourth idea: Create your own blogs totally aimed at the progressives of the early 20th century similar to my own, and how it relates to today. There needs to be lively discussion in multiple places about these people. I don't care if you use the sources I've already posted or will post. I'm not getting paid for this anyways. But making it a point to read the old, direct sources should be an important goal at all times, which is what I do.

Fifth idea: For those of you who heard my conversation with Glenn Beck, I certainly cannot transcribe everything he has in his library. So for those of you who can type fast, you could easily help out with this effort as soon as he starts getting the things ready to be released to the internet.

Sixth idea: There will be a need for people who can tell others that this is being done and where to go to join or find others. I hear people around me, even at tea party meetings and rallies that are constantly asking "what can I do?" "what more can I do" and we will have an answer for them. Given as I'm not trying to get people to advertise directly for my blog, you don't have to mention the name of progressingamerica or anything else in any way if you don't want to in any of your recordings, messages, or etc. What I am trying to do is get people to advertise that this is something that they can do or help out with, right from your own computer desk. They can do so as they please, at their own discretion.

These are my ideas, which will no doubt be expanded upon and refined as time goes on. The group "Progressingamerica Recordings" is there so that people can join in the discussion and production in whatever capacity they can. No effort, no matter how small you may think it is will be unappreciated. Even if people don't always directly say thanks. As far as audio/voice production goes, I would direct all general inquiries at They've been doing this for a long time and can offer more help, better help, and more quickly than I ever could. Much of which has gone through a long process of refinement.

I'm looking forward to any and all contributions that can be made in the future, let's make this history relevant again!

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