Sunday, February 5, 2012

Socialism is the Logical Outcome of Progressivism

There once lived a superprogressive by the name of Victor L Berger. He helped found the Democratic Socialists of America, was also a founding member of the Socialist Party of America, and was the first Socialist elected to the U.S. House. In November of 1912, superprogressive Victor L Berger wrote an article titled "Socialism, the Logical Outcome of Progressivism", which is little more than a pep article for fellow socialist Eugene V Debs. If you've read one tract of run of the mill political advocacy, you've read them all. But what's not run of the mill, is the picture caption: (The article starts on the right side of page 19, the picture is on page 20)

Victor L. Berger, the first Socialist ever to sit in Congress has fought unfalteringly for twenty-five years. He is the man who made possible the Socialistic victory in Milwaukee, and he commands respect everywhere for his honesty and common sense. He is a superprogressive. Berger is for many of the things progressives want, but he cannot see why they stop at these: he goes much further

Now, Berger had to have seen this caption and wholly agreed with it at the time. Or, he wrote it himself in third person, and the editors of American Magazine did not object to it. Either way, he did stylize his article as socialism being the logical end to progressivism. I downloaded the image with this caption, so that I can use it in the future. Oh yes, this is gold. :-) And should anybody in the future run across any of this, by all means, download the image and use it yourself. Any of what you find on my blog, take it and use it well.

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