Friday, February 3, 2012

Who are the people in the Fabian Window?

(click the picture to make it larger)The people at the top row are well known. On the left operating the bellows to give the fire more air and make it hotter is Edward R Pease, A Fabian founding member and he was their secretary. In the center is Sidney Webb, who is working with George Bernard Shaw on the right to pound on the globe in an effort to re-mould the world. Both of whom were early members. The bottom row is what's much harder to find. If you don't hit the right names while searching, it's largely impossible to find. On the website for the London School for Economics:

The window - is set within an oak frame, giving an overall size of 81 x 76cm. Cited as an example of 'Shavian wit', the figures are in Tudor dress to poke fun at Pease who evidently loved everything medieval. The Fabian Society coat of arms is shown as a wolf in sheep's clothing. The first man, crouching on the left, is HG Wells, cocking a snook at the others. He is followed by the actor-manager Charles Charrington, Aylmer Maude (translator of Tolstoy's War and Peace), G Stirling Taylor (reading a book, New Worlds for Old), and the dentist F Lawson Dodd. The women, from left to right, are Maud Pember Reeves (mother of Amber Reeves, who bore Wells a daughter in 1909), Miss Hankin, the suffragist Miss Mabel Atkinson, Mrs Boyd Dawson, and, at the end, the artist who made the window, Caroline Townshend herself.

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