Thursday, February 2, 2012

Who founded Fabian Socialism in the United States?

Most people don't even know what Fabianism is. Those who do, may think it's limited to Britain. It's not. In The Encyclopedia of Social Reform, By William D. P. Bliss, this is written:(Page 578)
FABIAN SOCIETY, THE (AMERICAN) A movement to establish in America a Fabian Society and carry on a work like that of the Fabian Society in England (see the next article) was commenced in Boston in February, 1895, under the lead of the Rev WDP Bliss.

Doesn't get any clearer than that. It was founded by William Dwight Porter Bliss, in Boston. His Fabian organization in Boston ended up publishing the paper "The American Fabian". They initially had very limited success(see pages 320-322), but Fabians in America would go on to have influence in at least two different Presidential Administrations. Walter Lippmann, who served in Woodrow Wilson's administration, was a Fabian. And Stuart Chase, who was a member of Franklin D Roosevelt's "Brain Trust" was also a Fabian.

As a testament to how successful Fabianism was(and still is) in the United States, it was Stuart Chase who coined the term "The New Deal" in one of his books.

But how did the Fabians have so much success, if they initially met with so much failure? It was the Colleges and "institutions of learning". And the fact that the further they got away from the word "socialism", the more success they had. The Intercollegiate Socialist Society, which was founded by Harry Laidler, (different link) had two important members. Walter Lippmann and Stuart Chase. Chase was also involved in the Fabian's attempt to create a mirror of their London School of Economics(LSE) here in the US, the The Rand School of Social Science.

As a side note,(I know there's a lot of information here, but I hope some of you are following the links and the information bread crumbs) this explains why William Ayers decided to make the classroom the frontline of his revolution. He learned it from his predecessors. Ayers, formerly of the SDS, Students for a Democratic Society. SDS, which split from the League for Industrial Democracy. The League for Industrial Democracy, which is simply the Intercollegiate Socialist Society, renamed.

Another side note, about the League for Industrial Democracy, What is "Industrial Democracy"? Ask Sidney Webb(co-founder of the LSE and original Founding Fabian), who wrote the book on it. At some point, once you learn their language you realize that they are being much more honest than it initially seems.


  1. Progressing,

    Kudos for your interest in understanding what I call Politically Correct Progressivism (PC-Prog).

    Identifying the overtly socialist Fabians is a good start. However, you'll find that the overt side of the PC-Progs is the pitiful and useless side. They build their power and destroyed America through covert influence operations.

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  2. I hardly believe that the Rand Institute is involved in this malarkey. Rand had very Libertarian views on Economics...I would need more evidence on this.

  3. Thanks for this. Was looking for some details into Fabians in America. I now have a starting place. :)

  4. These are the very people who ate trying to take our President down