Monday, March 5, 2012

Democracy and capitalism cannot coexist. Why? Democracy is inherently socialistic

At the Occupy Strategy Session at New York University, all the usual suspects are once again targeting capitalism. This isn't surprising, anybody who digs into the roots of all this 'Occupy' stuff will quickly see that it's all based on progressivism and central planning - with a hint of socialism, a hint of communism, and they have even teamed up with Islamists. Glenn also talked about this.

Right at the beginning, both David Graeber and Marina Sitrin(Occupy lawyer) lay it out:

Graeber: "The only way to have a genuinely democratic society would also be to abolish capitalism in this state".

Sitrin: "We cannot have democracy with capitalism".

Note how the people in the video shake their heads yes in agreement at all video angles. So is this true? Democracy and capitalism are incompatible? What makes that true?

In 1887, Woodrow Wilson wrote an essay titled "Socialism and Democracy", and in my original entry I wrote an observation about mobs.

We've all seen what 'Occupy' does. They're a mob. And what does the mob want? Other people's money. So Woodrow Wilson was right after all. Democracy is socialism. Then democracy and capitalism are indeed incompatible.

Isn't it a good thing then, that the Founding Fathers gave us a republic? If we can keep it.

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