Sunday, March 11, 2012

How many warnings of the revolution have you missed?

Are you like me in that you've had a hard time introducing the progressive revolution to people around you? Are you looking for a more populist, secular, mainstream example? This may help you. You've been surrounded by it your entire life, but any voice that attempted to issue a warning was distorted then erased.

Progressives have been in our nation for about a century now, planning, undermining, impugning. And for most the century, Americans really haven't had any warning. But to the credit of the American people, we have consistently rejected it. Woodrow Wilson and the progressives of their era frightened Americans so much that they had to actually drop their name as "progressives" and start calling themselves liberals. FDR and that era so angered Americans so much - FDR became such a beloved figure to the point that Congress actually got a constitutional amendment passed limiting the presidency to two terms. How much hatred of progressivism do you think is required to get an amendment passed? That's a very, very high hurdle. Any person who claims that FDR is this big beloved figure in American history can not and will not discuss the mood that existed in America between the years of 1947 to 1951. It runs counter to everything they believe.

But these were not the result of warnings of progressivism, rather experience and fear. It was recently made known on national radio that the song "American Pie" is one such warning about the dangers of progressivism. I have no shame in admitting that I did not know this. Did you? Here is a detailed explanation of large parts of the song:

What does “The Day the music died” mean

This is incredible. Progressives have become so good at revising history that they are fully capable of doing it in real time. To a certain degree, this song is designed to be cryptic. While on the other hand, McLean has made it clear that this song is "a tale about my country"(interview one), the 60's(interview two), and the passing of an era - "it's a cautionary tale to America about what happens when the spirit goes out of something"(interview one)

There is so, so much information that just isn't available online for various reasons. But of the interviews I did find, two of them(above) make clear that this song is about much more than an airplane crash and the death of important musicians. It's metaphorical to the death of America, and it what it used to stand for.

It's a song about how the progressives killed America. And it's up to us to restore it. If we don't, then our children and younger siblings have no future worth speaking of.

Other than Don McLean, how many other warnings about progressivism have been issued over the years? It's hard to say. But thankfully people are sitting up and taking notice and finally, some of those warnings are being heard for what they actually are.

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