Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Obama hands "Occupy" a major victory

And they know it. Anybody remember when Obama refused to acknowledge 8-28 and many other tea party or liberty-based gatherings? Why is that? He did not want to give those groups credibility.

The announcement has gone out that the G-8 Summit is being moved from Chicago, to Camp David. This is clearly a victory for the Occupy movement. This is something that revolutionaries desperately need. As time goes on, (see the STORM manifesto - search it for the word "burnout") revolutionaries can get burned out. Who wouldn't? We all have our limits.

Now, enter Occupy. In one of their own publications, here is what they are reporting:

Occupy Claims Victory as Obama Relocates G8 Summit

Lookout! This summer is not going to be pretty. Obama just threw gasoline, rocketfuel, and some nuclear rods on the fire. Consider this: Occupy was just successful at getting 9 of the world's major leaders to move to a different location. If you know how revolutionaries think, you will know how giddy they are.


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