Monday, November 29, 2010

Philip Dru Administrator now with audiobook goodness

I am not a professional voiceover.  So don't expect miracles from the recording.  Or from the little graphics I'm creating in my spare time, I'm not a pro at that either.

So today marks the official launch of the progressingamerica project.  What are my goals?  Basically, it's to study progressivism, and to build a community of people who also are interested in studying progressivism so that we may all be better enabled to defend our freedom from these authoritarians.

Why record an audiobook, that takes a lot of time?  Yes, it did.  About 7 months is what Dru took me.  This originally started via the desperation of trying to teach members of my family about progressives.  Nobody has any time to read books, they're working their fingers to the bone just keeping a roof overhead and food on the table.  Welcome to Obamaville.  But I decided to try a modern audiobook, and I got some good response from that with my family.  I have them talking about it.  Which is good.

But here is the challenge - there weren't many audiobooks around in the early 20th century.  That means someone has to create them.  It might as well be me, we aren't getting any freer.

But once I really started going and digging into some of these books, I couldn't believe how the words just lept off of the pages at me.  For example, at the end of Dru chapter 11 it describes a process which progressives would push 'an amendment so radical that no honest progressive would consent to it, and then refusing to support the more moderate measure because it did not go far enough'.

Go ahead, read the book.  See for yourself.  It's right there.  Written in 1912, and that's exactly what they did last year during the obamacare debate.  So all of this history has HUGE relevance.  And yes, I'm working to put that clip on youtube.

I will do my best to make the progressives' own history grow legs, as I teach my family about progressivism in the only way I can, the rest of you will benefit from it.

Just help me get it right.  Though, with my course of literally letting the 20th century progressives speak for themselves, I can rarely get it wrong.

These progressives do not want to debate and discuss their own history.  And that's exactly what we are going to do.