Thursday, December 30, 2021


It's come to my attention that over on YouTube, my recording of Frederick Douglass' excellent speech What To The Slave Is The 4th of July? has been viewed now over 150,000 times. This one singular item has grown and blossomed in a way that really makes me happy.

I also noticed many commenters there haven't recognized the true import of Douglass' speech - mainly, perhaps, because of it's title. That's alright, you can't win them all. But you can win some and that's the important point. "Some" of 150,000 is a whole lot of people.

I guarantee you many people will listen to the FULL speech and it begins to dawn on them - hey wait a second, this Douglass guy, he's actively defending the Constitution and he's actively defending the Declaration and actively defending the Founding Fathers. Why would he do that?

Hey wait a second, maybe these progressives are liars. This full speech isn't what they told me it is.

Defending the constitution - yeah, Frederick Douglass did that alot. He was a black Republican. What would you expect from a black Republican? Text: (here)

150,000 views, and this speech wasn't really all that much work. I get to defend the constitution, I get to say my opinion,(Yes, Douglass does speak for me) and the best part is big tech can't get rid of it. They're stuck with it.

To all my readers and listeners I emplore you. Do not be deterred by what Douglass titled this speech. Douglass says: "But I differ from those who charge this baseness on the framers of the Constitution of the United States. It is a slander upon their memory" - NPR is lying about this speech. Blatantly, bald faced lying about it. It can be hard to hear or read some of this content, but it is ultimately a great speech.

Saturday, December 11, 2021

Where did all of the progressives go?

In understanding why progressivism and liberalism are not the same thing and even moreso, why progressivism hates liberalism, there are two inescapable facts:

1) During the progressive era, progressives were everywhere.

2) Today, progressives are everywhere.

Well, what's in the middle? For some reason, no matter where I go there is an extreme resistance on the part of conservatives to admit (out loud or even perhaps even to themselves) that progressives re-labeled themselves as liberal and are now wearing camoflage. Why is this? I don't know. Every now and then you see someone attempt to dig it out and they do get it right, but those are far and few between.

We know where the progressives are during the 1900s, they're in the White House they're controlling many parts of the senate and they're setting up the beginnings of the bureaucratic state. We know where the progressives are during the 1910s, we see several destructive Constitutional amendments, and things kind of (we are told by historians) come to a closing right at the end of 1919 going into 1920. Well wait just a minute! No no, stop right here. Examine this. Starting in 1920 where did all the progressives go?

Yes, they got routed politically in the 1920 election and through the remainder of Calvin Coolidge's presidency the progressives got smoked really bad. But did the progressives disappear? No. Progressivism doesn't die. So where did it go? Where did all of the progressives go?

Well the short answer is, the progressives came back as strong as possible during the presidency of Franklin Delano Roosevelt. That's easy, everybody knows that. Except for one problem. Nobody knows it. Let me explain. Is FDR a liberal president or a progressive president? You have to pick, and there's a 50% chance you'll get the answer incorrect.

The answer is that FDR was never ever a liberal president. He was always a progressive. Calling these people "liberal" is the great historical lie. "The Big Lie". But the amount of people who are wedded to this lie is astounding. It is a bi-partisan lock.

So FDR was a liberal. THEN WHERE DID ALL OF THE PROGRESSIVES GO??? See, that's the question that destroys it all. Where. Did. All. The. Progressives. Go? No conservative believes that the progressives just magically went away, did they go "poof"? Did they go to mars? Are they butterflies, did they flutter away up to Greenland? No. They were here all along, they stayed right here, peddling their poisonous wares until the time was right. Like cockroaches in the night. But yet, far too many ignore this. After the 1930's, the progressives came roaring right back again a few decades later in the 1960's. But that's another topic in itself as well.

Where did all of the progressives go? Right here, here is where they went. In his speech on July 02, 1932, accepting the nomination for President of the United States, FDR said:

Let us feel that in everything we do there still lives with us, if not the body, the great indomitable, unquenchable, progressive soul of our Commander-in-Chief, Woodrow Wilson.

So progressive FDR waves high and proud to their history as fellow progressives, then he says this:

Yes, the people of this country want a genuine choice this year, not a choice between two names for the same reactionary doctrine. Ours must be a party of liberal thought, of planned action, of enlightened international outlook, and of the greatest good to the greatest number of our citizens.

There it is. With that, progressivism had successfully been re-named. Our party must be the liberal party he says.

Where did all of the progressives go? Mark the day.

On July 02, 1932, that's the day every progressive died. That's their birthday. July 02, 1932. This sentence is not a contradiction.

Where did all of the progressives go? Look for the camoflauge. This camoflauge is brought to you by the letters "L". "I". and "B".

Some day, I don't suspect it will be within my lifetime, but some day. Some day, conservatives are going to have to go to war to reclaim this word. "Liberalism". They stole it, they don't deserve it, and they certainly didn't do a thing to earn it. Within whatever the final defeat of progressivism entails, this word must be restored away from them. And this word will be a benchmark. Long before progressivism's final defeat, the mask must be ripped off for all time. No enemy is truely defeated who still possesses their camoflage or other tools of war.