Thursday, October 26, 2023

New audiobook release: Reflections on the rise, progress, and probable consequences of the present contentions with the colonies

§ 11. Can the Americans with a good grace complain of tyranny in the mother country for imposing an easy and inconsiderable tax, whilst they themselves are rioting on the labour of thousand of their species, torn from their dearest relations and doomed to abject and perpetual slavery?

In answer to this objection, it may be asked, where did this infamous commerce originate? Where is it still carried on with all the eagerness which avarice can inspire? Where, but in England? By what means can it be abolished? Surely by that power alone, which America acknowledges the parent state, may justly exercise over all her dominions, viz. the power of regulating their trade. The legislatures of some of the colonies have done what they could to put a stop to the importation of African slaves, by loading it with the heaviest duties: And others have attempted the total abolition of it, by acts of assembly which their governors refused to pass. And though they then petitioned for new instructions to their governors on this head, after all they failed of success. - Page ( 28 )

A fun thing happens when you crack open old books and start reading them. You start to see, hey wait a second, progressives are liars!

Just released into audio is the book Reflections on the rise, progress, and probable consequences, of the present contentions with the colonies. By a freeholder., which was originally published just three months after the United States declared Independence. October 18th, 1776.

It's not all that difficult to look to American Patriots living on North American soil in the 1770s and find voices proclaiming grief that they could not get their laws passed beyond the Empire's prying eyes which would put an end to slaving. But what would those voices today who are proponents of The 1619 Project say to a British voice, living in England and who had never set foot anywhere in America, who also acknowledges the prime role the Empire played in introducing and carrying on slavery on North American shores? Erskine isn't the only one.

This is the impossible position the progressives have put themselves in. Even early British citizens who were becoming anti-slavery could see the obvious. America wanted to get rid of slavery but the Empire kept stopping them from doing it.

Any progressive who wants to blame the U.S. for slavery and the U.S. did not even exist cannot answer. Any progressive who wants to blame the U.S. for slavery and the colonies were the first anti-transatlantic-slavery in the western hemisphere cannot answer. What was being said on both sides of the Atlantic - American patriots who wanted it gone and the later British abolitionists who would follow their lead - this is our golden ticket.

Sunday, October 22, 2023

New audiobook release: Benjamin Franklin (biography)

I happened to notice that a biography of Benjamin Franklin was produced and published at Librivox. Thought you all might enjoy this.

Benjamin Franklin, Robin McKown (1907 - 1975)

This biography of Franklin was written for young people, but can be enjoyed by anyone. The author Robin McKown, is known for her young adult historical fiction and historical biographies. - Summary by Ciufi Galeazzi

This audiobook is a solo, which means it is of a much higher quality than group books and yes, this reader did a fantastic job. However, it's free and open source so I would encourage you to give this to as many people as you can think of giving it to. Also note this has gotten nearly 50,000 hits since its release, so there is definitely a desire for audiobooks of this kind.

Friday, October 13, 2023

New audiobook release: The Life and Times of Joseph Warren

Happy Friday! What has just happened, I don't have the words to fully convey my excitement about this. This morning the biography written by Richard Frothingham, Jr. about General Joseph Warren has been completed and published!

Life and Times of Joseph Warren The summary is as follows:

Joseph Warren was one of the popular leaders of Boston during the early stage of the American Revolution. He grasped its basis idea of civil freedom, and aimed to impress on the public mind its dignity and glory. By ten years of devotion to the patriot cause, he rose to be the head of public affairs in Massachusetts, and became one of the most prominent characters of New England. Warren, through life, was a man of action, whose words were deeds. To repel the aggressions of arbitrary power, and to maintain the principles of liberty, he wrote in the political journals, was zealous in the private clubs, and was a leader in the public meetings. - Summary by Richard Frothingham

Unlike some of the other books I am working on which are group projects with the hopes of expediency, this reader took their time and recorded a solo audiobook, which are always in my opinion the best quality.

We live in an America where progressives erase our history in order to gain an advantage for themselves. Who just sits back and lets the progressives do this? Not us! American history is so vibrant and it is so valuable, that it deserves to be enshrined on places like YouTube(as of now, this book has yet to be released on the Librivox YT page) and if people can't make time to stop and read a book, we will add convenience and value and read it to them. This book needs to be held up, promoted, and given to as many people as can be reached.