Friday, February 11, 2022

If it were Saul Alinksy, he would surely clog up the big game

The big super game is coming. The truckers are coming! The truckers are coming! Wouldn't it be so much fun if the truckers clogged up the streets of Los Angeles and prevented anybody from getting to the stadium? That is, after all, what Saul Alinsky would do.

He really would. The icing on the cake would be if the truckers clogged up LA and all got out of their trucks and kneeled in the streets next to the trucks. Just get out right there and take a knee. That would be so fantastic. That would so turn it on its head and be the ultimate middle finger to the wokesters. Especially if we saw some truckers kneeling with some signs that said "no fans left". I know some might disagree with this part, but here's why. They would want the trucks gone. But if the truckers are out of their trucks, what's the message? "We aren't leaving here any time soon." It's all about messaging.

And why would Alinsky do this? Because protesting works. It is so successful. I've been told time and again by people unwilling to get up and be a part of the solution things like "making signs and walking around in the streets, that never solved any problems" and "I have a job" and "activism is a left wing thing". (I've heard dozens of variations, and I've also heard obscenity laced statements as well.) But the point is, when it came to making a statement Alinsky knew how to spot a weak point and leverage it and he didn't just wait until election day. Culture matters.

The big game on big game sunday would be perfect. Alinsky was fond of doing things such as having his activists eat huge meals comprised mainly of baked beans, and then attend events such as orchestras where the results would be rather loud and disruptive. But in regard to the big game, this seems more like the Chicago O'Hare piss in.

Have you heard the plan for the piss in?

It was never implemented. Just the threat of it was enough for Alinksy to get his demands met. What Alinsky proposed was for a large group of activists to go to the O'Hare airport and just stand in a urinal for as long as possible and take up toilets as well, potentially for hours. Just thinking of this and what kind of mayhem it would create makes it obvious why Chicago moved so quickly.

Now, preventing people from using the rest room is quite simply evil. That's just how Alinsky's mind worked, the guy was defective. But this clearly has parallels to potentially clogging up the big game. The NFL, they're all woke, they've thrown in against the country. But from our standpoint it's just some game. It doesn't really affect people anyways. With that in light, there isn't anything dishonorable compared to Alinsky's proposal. But the real focus needs to be on the results.

The government wants to take total social control of our lives and everything about COVID has become a part of that - meanwhile, government relies heavily upon entertainment of all sorts to keep people distracted with shiny things so they don't rise up. That's what makes the super........... I mean, the big game, such an effective target.

The message is: "you disrupt us, we disrupt you". It's really the ultimate message of protesting. "I can't live my life this way, and now, you can't live this way either." "You people in Washington didn't hear me, now hear all of us."

But let's not forget, protesting also allows people to take command of media coverage. I'm surrounded by people who constantly complain about the media, but while at the same time there are daily opportunities to take command of their coverage and every day, those opportunities are left on the table. They are never used. Where will all the cameras be? All cameras are already planned to be focused on SoFi stadium. We know where, we know the time, we know the day, of the cameras will be. What will the cameras show? Woke football players who are not worth our time and money? Or will the cameras show truckers standing up for the constitution doing exactly what the Founding Fathers told us to do, protesting; it's embedded right there in the constitution. It's such a rare opportunity that we get to take control of the media.

We could if we wanted to.

Do we want to?