Tuesday, June 25, 2024

New audiobook release: The Use of Knowledge in Society, by Friedrich Hayek

Hauling in a big fish here folks.

Today, the audiobook release has been completed for Friedrich Hayek's intellectual essay The Use of Knowledge in Society, which can be downloaded here:


I have a lot of goals I wish to accomplish, but seeing the completion of this Hayek book as well as the Mises book that should be done soon, brings our Librivox books into view of a much more diverse crowd of consumers and that has a lot of value.


I am so happy and excited that this has been completed and is now available, I can't wait to go and listen to it myself. Hayek is one of my all time favorites.

Tuesday, June 4, 2024

New audiobook release: The Capture of Fort William and Mary

We have an amendment, the Second Amendment, because in part when the colonists had no say in how their own societies should be run and what they wanted most was self-government, Britain though it a good idea to confiscate. Mostly the confiscation centered around gunpowder, but there were along with it plots and schemes to take away actual weapons such as guns and cannons.

Today we have the story of The Capture of Fort William and Mary, which details a unique and fun chapter in pre-U.S. history in which the colonists said we are going to disarm you before you disarm us.

It's a short work, coming in at just over 1 hour total recording time for the entire book. Its more like a pamphlet, really. But it does highlight a distinct truth. Americans are fearful of weapons regulation by government because it has always led to (or coincided with) a domineering government, and that includes right here in our own country's unique and amazing history.

I hope everyone will take a listen. This story is not nearly as well-known as it need be, but now it is powered by its own audio book. I'm looking forward to listening to it too.