Saturday, December 19, 2020

Who is your favorite Conservative protester?

President Trump just called for a YUGE protest to take place in Washington D.C. on January 6th 2021, and I couldn't be more proud.

Now, its true that conservatives haven't generally been protesters for nearly as long as the other side but its good that that's slowly going away. Progressives do not deserve to have a monopoly on the power of protesting, and we're the capitalists. Time to see the magic of COMPETITION. Anyways, since I'm a citizen historian, I wanted to highlight two of my all-time favorite Conservative protesters, since they don't get as much attention as they deserve and specifically, they don't get the attention they deserve exclusively for their activities as protesters and organizers.

Of the two one only finishes by a hair. I'm talking the kind of photo finish where the judges have to debate the thing in their booth for 10 minutes before they come to a conclusion.

First, is Mr. Andrew Breitbart. I had intended a much long blog post in this place but then I started watching videos of Breitbart from years ago, and all my thoughts are now gone. When it came to protesting(picture from at an event), Breitbart was one of the best. My favorite thing, I think, is that Breitbart would come out and talk with us and join us. This video at about 2:07 is an interview format, but you can see he is right there on the street. Now I never met him out in the mix of these events, but I know people who did. He was fearless also in that he would confront those who protested him, and expose that they did not even know why they were there. But also, there are other videos of him showing up to Occupy protests and confronting them there.

I will be honest though, I have a bias here because of my personal connection to many of these same events. I went to Tea Party rallies and other marches on Washington D.C a decade ago. I really miss those days they were so much fun.

My runner up, and she is a strong favorite, is Phyllis Schlafly. While I am unaware of whether or not Andrew actually organized any protests, I know Schlafly did. That makes her role very different, and the timing is several decades before as well where she was more of a tough but lone voice in the wilderness.

I think another thing gets me too, and that there are no videos that I am aware of that show her at one of her protests. All we have are a scant few photos with a bullhorn, or out in front of the White House. Not being of that era I'm not connected to it. One thing we do know, looking back, is that she was wildly successful. For that, she could be anybody's favorite Conservative protester.