Saturday, April 18, 2015

Merrie England is The Poor Man's Plato

In the Review of Reviews, William Thomas Stead wrote this about Robert Blatchford's socialist book ""Merrie England".


Notwithstanding his modest disavowal of writing anything but plain practical letters to practical people, he cannot keep out his idealism. His book is far more than a racy vorsion of economic Socialism. It is full of a fine ethical spirit. It has a warm human heart behind it. And the literary freedom with which these appear shows them to be no stage properties. It is the human qualities of the work which help to explain its vogue and bid fair to extend it. Doubtless "Nunquam's" admirers are prepared to say that if Marx's "Capital" may be called the German worker's Bible, "Merrie England" is our poor man's Plato.

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